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Molecule Holdings’ $ Landmark Deal with Ontario Cannabis Store Gives it Confirmed Shipping Date to Bring 5 Infused Craft Beverages to Market $BEV $KBEV

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:14 AM on Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Working at the cutting edge of the nascent cannabis industry, Molecule is a Canadian, craft-focused, cannabis beverage production company.

Boasting a 200,000 square foot production facility based in Ontario, the company has just been given the green light to begin selling its unique line of cannabis-infused beverages throughout Canada, starting in Ontario and Québec.

  • Molecule now has its first order-ins from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and a confirmed shipping date.
  • Molecule will bring 5 brands to the market in this first order, matching the number of Ready-to-Drink products offered by the category leader in the market, which also has 5 brands on offer. 
  • This confirms Molecule will be shipping product in Q1 2021. Much of the product is already inventoried. Inventory accumulation continues daily now.
  • The company recently received a major shipment of Aluminum Cans, allowing it to ramp up production.

Check out our exclusive one-on-one with David Reingold, Director and Strategic Advisor, Molecule Holdings:

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