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VIDEO – Datametrex AI $ $DTMXF Discusses Company’s M&A Growth Plans For Artificial Intelligence Division $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 5:46 PM on Monday, March 15th, 2021

Datametrex AI Limited has the rare benefit that most small cap companies would only dream of …. 2 successful independent divisions that are each capable of being a company maker.  

The first division is their Artificial Intelligence driven social media monitoring and discovery product … and this isn’t some basic social media monitoring tool for keywords. Clients include Canadian Federal Government, DRDC, Health Canada, United States Air Force and LOTTE (a $2.6B South Korean multinational conglomerate.

The company announced that it has entered into an LOI to acquire 100% of Perspectum Drone Inspection Services Ltd. an arm’s length privately held artificial intelligence drone imaging predictive analytic services company.

Perspectum is a drone based imaging predictive analytics artificial intelligence (AI) services company, currently focusing on environmental and safety predictive analysis. Datametrex intends to expand the Perspectum platform into the Company’s core Cybersecurity business by integrating the Company’s AI with Perspectum.

“The impact of the acquisition of this AI business cannot be minimized. The demand for imaging predictive analytic reporting continues to be a large area of growth. As businesses and countries continue to work towards zero emissions and carbon neutral footprints, we believe that adding this imaging predictive AI element to our existing cybersecurity business will drive significant value for our stakeholders.”, said Marshall Gunter, Datametrex’s Chief Executive Officer.

As a result of the highest level security clearances required to do this level of work, Datametrex was well positioned with deep roots in South Korea to add their second, though unintended division of COVID-19 test kit distribution.  Again, this isn’t some small cap stretch trying to capitalize on a trend for the sake of stock promotion. Rather, when the Canadian Government came calling for assistance in importing and distributing COVID-19 test kits, Datametrex stepped up to the task thanks to its security clearances already in place in both countries.

Since then, the company has signed multiple multi-million dollar COVID-19 test kit supply agreements with mining companies, a $20M CAD agreement with the television and film industry and various educational institutions.  

Sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview with Datametrex CEO Marshall Gunter.

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