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VIDEO: Beauce Gold $BGF – Drilling in 2021 To Locate Hard Rock Source of Canada’s First Gold Rush $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:09 PM on Sunday, May 16th, 2021

This is is she summer where Beauce could prove through drilling it has located the hardrock source of Canada’s 1st gold-rush, one that pre-dates the Yukon and responsible for 2 of the largest nuggets found in Canada.

If they are successful they may be on to a major discovery.

What is surprising is that no one ever thought to explore the iconic historical placer deposit this way previously, even though it has been well known for 150 years. Beauce believes it has unlocked the geological puzzle that supported commercial placer production without ever understanding where the gold came from.

The project area has been exploited, but never systematically explored. Beauce has diligently carried out work over the years leading to this moment. With the first reported discovery of multiple gold bearing bedrock structures, Beauce believes they have found the likely source of the placer gold nuggets that supported the historic gold rush.

President & CEO of Beauce Gold ( BGF:TSXV ) Patrick Levasseur speaks to the importance of their recent discovery and what the future holds for this exciting SmallCap gold project.

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