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VIDEO – HPQ Silicon $ $HPQFF Hits Another Silicon Production Milestone As Pilot Plant Starts In Q4, Moving Company Closer To Awaiting Battery and Automobile Manufacturers $ENPH $NNO

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 5:10 PM on Thursday, June 10th, 2021

HPQ Silicon Resources $HPQ $HPQFF is a Quebec-based company that is developing a portfolio of high value-added silicon products sought after by battery and electric vehicle manufacturers.

If that sounds a lot like what other small companies are saying lately, $HPQ differentiates itself as a leader of the pack thanks to the following:

Today, the Company announced a major milestone with this press release HPQ Silicon GEN3 PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactor Pilot Plant to be Commissioned in Q4 2021

To discuss the importance and the implications of this milestone, this excerpt from the press release says it all:

” Demand for higher purity Silicon, materials that the PUREVAP QRR was designed to produce – but one that traditional silicon producers have a difficult time making, is about to enter a massive growth phase, driven by worldwide demand from the silicones, solar, and batteries industries. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the closing of old inefficient traditional Silicon plants and combining this with the chronic under investment in new conventional Silicon plants that occurred in the past decade, and the need for more efficient and environmentally friendly processes has created a perfect storm for the industry. HPQ should be a key beneficiary of this new reality.”

Watch this great interview with $HPQ CEO Bernard Tourillon to get the full picture on next steps!

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