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VIDEO – With First New Clinic Launches In Ontario Imminent, Empower Clinics Is Sitting On A Launchpad That Will Keep The Company Flying Through 2022 And Beyond

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:04 PM on Monday, August 16th, 2021

In an interview just over a month ago, Empower Clinics CEO Steve McAuley talked about how the Company is in full-blown growth mode that were best summarized as follows:

“Multiple opportunities have been percolating and I’m going to turn up the heat”

To this added seeing 

“substantially higher market cap” for the Company, as well as, growth that will be “deserving of an uplist”.

Today McAuley and the team at Empower backed up those words with this announcement:

“The Company can now confirm the first new clinic launches will take place in September – location and ribbon cutting ceremonies to be announced – with rollouts of further locations continuing on a regular basis from that point forward.”

In today’s interview McAuley takes shareholders through a detailed overview of the foundation that has now been built, ready to launch and strong enough to catapult Empower into a completely new orbit.
Watch this great interview.  Welcome to the launch pad.   

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