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VIDEO – HPQ Breakthrough Green Hydrogen Extraction Is “Scalable With No Limits”, Capable Of Powering Homes Or Entire Cities

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 12:17 PM on Thursday, September 30th, 2021

HPQ Silicon Resources $HPQ $HPQFF is a Quebec-based company that is developing high value-added silicon products that are sought after by battery and electric vehicle manufacturers – but nobody has yet delivered – until now.

If that sounds a lot like what other small companies are saying lately, $HPQ differentiates itself as a leader of the pack thanks to the following:

As such, HPQ firmly believes its silicon products will play an important role in the renewable energy revolution.


To this end, the Company has also set its sights on Hydrogen with the following 2 press releases:

AUGUST HPQ Launches Revolutionary and Breakthrough Green Hydrogen Extraction Technology Venture

SEPTEMBER HPQ Receives TSX Venture Approval to Proceed With EBH2 Green Hydrogen Extraction Technology Venture

How powerful is this Revolutionary & Breakthrough Green Hydrogen? Try “SCALABLE WITH NO LIMITS”

“EBH2 is scalable with no limits.  It can power a small domestic generator up to ships, factories, buildings, cryptocurrency mines with high energy consumption and even cities.”

Independent validation of the technology is expected to be complete over the next 60 days. If successful, HPQ proposes to bundle the energy production capability of EBH2 systems with its silicon production to further reduce the environmental footprint of its developing high purity silicon, nano powders, and other Renewable Energy products.  Moreover, if successful, EBH2 would provide HPQ with “power plant” capabilities that would allow it to produce its products anywhere on the planet.

If that wasn’t enough HPQ added the following:

“all the while opening up new, and massive addressable markets for a system that can produce cheaply green hydrogen, on demand …. The Agreement establishes the terms of the creation of a new Joint venture Company (“NEWCO”) owned by HPQ and EBH2 that will market, sell and service EBH2 systems and products in North America (Canada, Mexico, and the United States).  …. units could readily replace solar panels or standby generators for homeowners.”

Watch this great interview with $HPQ CEO Bernard Tourillon to get the full picture on next steps!

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