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Green River Gold $CCR Provides Investors with Exposure To Both Gold & Battery Metals Thanks To Impressive B.C. Projects In Mining Districts

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 7:00 PM on Monday, April 24th, 2023

In a world where Gold is comfortably sitting comfortably over $2,000 and Electric Vehicles are driving paradigm shifting demand for battery metals, small cap resource companies are thriving … but smallcap investors are often forced into choosing one or the other.


Green River Gold $CCR is a small cap resources company that has way more to offer investors than its name implies, thanks to assembling a powerhouse set of projects in BC that include :

  1. Quesnel Nickel/Magnesium/Talc Project
  2. Fontaine Gold Project
  3. Kymar Silver Project
  4. And… a newly acquired Lithium Project (The KaLi Pegmatite Project)

Are all situated in some of the province’s most highly prospective mining districts.




The company has been in stealth mode for a while, but with their recent acquisition and raising of $550,000, they are finally ready to come out and talk to the world. During the interview, Perry Little dives deep into their projects to provide investors with great insights into $CCR plans for 2023


With gold comfortably over $2,000 and the demand for battery metals skyrocketing, Green River Gold is in a prime position to capitalize on both markets.




This is especially true for the Company’s Quesnel Nickel Project which has hit on all 42 holes to date … and more holes are being drilled as we speak.


Once $CCR revealed that the Cariboo District had a history of finding gold, they also discovered there were other minerals like nickel and talc in the area. They got help from local experts and miners to find and buy properties with potential for finding valuable minerals.

Now sit back, relax, and watch this interview with Perry Little and learn more about Green River Gold’s strategic positioning in multiple mining districts and the range of commodities they are exploring for, which could appeal to investors looking for diversified exposure to the mining sector.

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