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Revolutionizing Event Experiences: Fobi AI’s Cutting-Edge Digital Wallet Technology Featured At PGA Tour Winner Adam Hadwin’s Charity Golf Tournament

Posted by Aidi Munoz at 4:04 PM on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023

In the age of ubiquitous artificial intelligence, investors seek clarity among the multitude of contenders. Enter Fobi AI (FOBI:TSXV) (FOBIF:OTCQB), a trailblazer in the AI realm, making waves with a ground-breaking $10 million contract and record-breaking Q3 revenues. Their focus on digital wallet pass technology leverages AI to fuel real-time data analytics, driving instant customer engagement and activation in both online and physical spaces.

In this interview Rob Anson, CEO of Fobi AI, discusses pivotal developments in the company’s journey. In a world where deciphering winners from losers is paramount, Fobi AI’s achievements stand out. The $10 million five-year contract with BevWorks, partnerships with industry giants like Telus and Amazon Web Services, collaborations with prestigious events such as the Oscars and NASDAQ, and their cutting-edge digital wallet technology showcase their meteoric rise to global AI leadership.

Rob Anson provides insights into their latest private placement of up to $3 million, utilizing a unique LIFE (Listed Issuer Financing Exemption) structure, democratizing investment opportunities for non-accredited investors. He elucidates the strategic importance of shoring up their balance sheet, addressing both immediate challenges and long-term growth. Furthermore, the interview underscores the transformative power of Fobi AI technology in diverse sectors, spotlighting the success story with PGA Tour winner Adam Hadwin’s charity tournament and the potential ripple effect across other industries.

Join us for this engaging discussion as we uncover how Fobi AI is shaping the AI landscape and revolutionizing event experiences through its cutting-edge digital wallet technology. Learn how the company’s vision aligns with their strategic decisions and the exciting future they envision beyond 2023.

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