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Green River Gold $CCR Hits 47th Consecutive Hole, Midnight Special Prospect Acquisition & Lithium-Rare Earth Discoveries

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 12:06 PM on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023

If you hit .300 in baseball Hall Of Fame

If you shot 50% basketball You’re an icon

If you go 47-47 in drilling You’re Green River Gold

As Gold holds firm at $2,000 and the electric vehicle revolution propels demand for battery metals, the resource industry is undergoing a significant transformation. With EVs projected to reach a staggering $7 trillion market by 2030, small-cap resource companies are thriving.

However, this success presents investors with a challenging decision: Should they focus on the allure of Gold or seize the opportunities in the burgeoning battery metals sector?

Green River Gold is a small cap resources company that offers investors both thanks to assembling a powerhouse set of projects in BC that include:

  1. Quesnel Nickel/Magnesium/Talc Project
  2. Fontaine Gold Project
  3. Kymar Silver Project
  4. KaLi Lithium Pegmatite Project

What they have in common is being in some of British Columbia’s most highly prospective mining districts.

All 47 Nickel Holes Successfully Hit

A remarkable standout is the Quesnel Nickel Project, where Green River Gold has achieved a flawless record of success in all 47 holes drilled so far. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the immense potential of the project. The momentum grows stronger with every hole drilled.

Green River Gold’s Quesnel Nickel Project boasts the extensive Deep Purple magnetic anomaly, spanning about 14 linear km and encompassing roughly 6.6 sq km, indicating substantial mineral promise. Currently on their 47th consecutive hole, they consistently encounter nickel, magnesium, cobalt, and chromium from the bedrock surface. Drilling covers approximately 9 km of the anomaly’s 14 km length, with exploration opportunities extending to the far North-West and South-East ends.”

Kyle Townsend, the Mine Manager for Green River Gold Corp says,


“As we continue our step out drilling on Zone 1, with drill holes WK-23-01 and WK-23-02 drilled 1.1 kilometers apart, the consistent assay results highlight the continuity of mineralization at the Quesnel Nickel Project. These findings further validate the potential for a significant and continuous mineral resource in the project area.”


Green River Gold has successfully completed its inaugural field reconnaissance program at the KaLi Pegmatite Property. Located in the Kamloops Mining District, British Columbia, this 100%-owned property yielded promising results as pathfinder elements were identified through handheld XRF analysis.


The program, conducted between August 10 and August 14, 2023, aimed to evaluate the potential for Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum-bearing pegmatites, copper, and molybdenum porphyry systems. Covering 1059.5 hectares of land, the KaLi Pegmatite Project holds significant historical exploration data. The focus has historically been on Molybdenum, but the current findings underscore the potential for Lithium Bearing Pegmatites, a previously unexplored avenue.


Green River Gold Corp. has initiated substantial geological work on its Fontaine Gold Property in Central British Columbia. Covering over 200 square kilometers, it straddles significant terranes, with neighboring mineral claim groups owned by Osisko Development Corp. and Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd. The company is revisiting the Galleon area, a part of the Barkerville Terrane, with promising lead, silver, and gold assays from initial grab samples. Furthermore, Green River Gold has expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of the Midnight Special Project, a 244.25-hectare area northwest of Lillooet. This strategic move underlines the company’s dedication to exploration and expansion.


Now, sit back, relax, and watch the interview with Perry Little to learn more about Green River Gold’s strategic positioning in multiple mining districts and their exploration efforts across a range of commodities. Green River Gold $CCR offers investors diversified exposure to the mining sector and the chance to be part of an exciting journey.

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