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Azincourt Energy Uranium Drill Results “Significant”. Project Situated Among Largest Uranium Deposits In The World

Posted by Nicole Rojas at 10:15 AM on Thursday, October 5th, 2023

If you believe in the future of renewable energy then you are going to love this interview with Azincourt Energy because CEO Alex Klenman has been calling for the rising price of Uranium ever since we started interviewing him where it has moved from ~ $50/lb to now over $70/lb.



1. After a decade long slump, uranium prices are on the rise, fueled by a global shift in support for nuclear energy and subsequent rising demand

2. Uranium Funds Are Raising Hundreds Of Million Dollars To Buy Uranium

But Uranium’s third bull market since 1968 still has a long way to go due to supply struggling to keep up after a decade of under-investment.

Indeed, Sprott Asset Management CEO’s John Ciampaglia believes there will be a supply shortage in the uranium space unless metal prices get to the $75 to $100 pound range.

Azincourt controls a majority 78.4% interest in the 25,000+ hectare East Preston Uranium project.


The company’s East Preston Uranium project is located in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan which is the world’s leading source of high-grade uranium and currently supplies about 20% of the world’s uranium




Over CDN$3 million in exploration expenditures on the East Preston Project over the past three years


If you’re hunting for a uranium deposit, this is what you need to see … we continue to be well within a practical discovery timeline. (CEO, Alex Klenman)


“The company considers the drilling results to date to be significant, as major uranium discoveries in the Athabasca Basin such as McArthur River, Key Lake, and Millennium were primarily the result of drill testing of strong alteration zones related to conductor features”



1. The East Preston Project is an exciting project situated in a prime location

2. Azincourt has identified several pathways below the earth’s surface, resembling roads leading to potential uranium hotspots. These pathways are not just basic routes; they’re intricate and complex, boosting the Company’s confidence in finding substantial uranium deposits.

3. Azincourt targets resemble the rich uranium finds at NexGen’s Arrow and Cameco’s Eagle Point mines 4. The advantage with East Preston is its position: it’s nestled close to the surface, making it more accessible.

5. This means that while the uranium spots are relatively easy to reach, they also have the potential to be extensive in depth, akin to skyscrapers with many floors to explore.

6. Highlighting its potential further, the East Preston Project is sandwiched between two renowned uranium-rich regions: the PLS-Arrow and Cameco’s Centennial deposits.

But wait there’s more…

In addition to uranium, Azincourt Energy has ventured into the lithium sector with its Big Hill Lithium Project in Newfoundland. This strategic move follows a successful reconnaissance program that uncovered a significant pegmatite field.


VP, Exploration Trevor Perkins states “The first round of exploration on the Big Hill Project was successful in identifying pegmatites on the property. The area is significantly underexplored and will require additional detailed work to examine the pegmatites identified, the extents of the systems, and determine if there are lithium bearing phases within the system. I was fortunate to spend a few days in the field with the team and recognize that we have barely scratched the surface on examining the property.”

Now sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview with Alex Klenman, President & CEO of Azincourt Energy Corp.


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