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HPQ Transforming 120 Year Old Process Of High Purity Silicon Production With Zero CO2 Emissions

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 2:18 PM on Thursday, November 16th, 2023

In a ground-breaking development, HPQ Silicon Inc. is achieving new heights in silicon purity with their PUREVAP™ Gen3 Quartz Reduction Reactor (Gen3 QRR). This innovative technology, developed in collaboration with PyroGenesis Canada Inc., is reshaping the silicon landscape, bringing higher purity levels and sustainability to the forefront.

In our recent interview, HPQ’s CEO, Bernard Tourillon, shared the excitement surrounding their latest achievement. The Gen3 QRR has successfully reached an unprecedented silicon purity level of 99.96%, surpassing their previous record of 99.92%. This achievement not only signifies a significant milestone but also brings them closer to their ultimate goal – producing 4N Silicon in a single step.

What’s driving this achievement? Tourillon explains that the Gen3 QRR’s Closed Electric Arc Furnace (CEAF) design is at the heart of the breakthrough. This unique furnace allows the controlled input of silica and carbon reductant, resulting in 3N+ silicon with zero carbon emissions. This process uses 25% less feedstock compared to traditional methods, making it a game-changer not just in purity but also in environmental impact.

Tourillon also highlights the significance of this achievement for the broader market. With the demand for silicon projected to rise to over 3.8 million tonnes by 2025, the need for high-purity silicon, especially for applications like battery-grade silicon, is greater than ever. HPQ’s Gen3 QRR is not just a technological advancement but a response to the industry’s demand for sustainable and efficient production.

Bernard Tourillon expresses his enthusiasm for the transformative impact of their technology. “The reproducibility of the results obtained by Gen3 QRR is another demonstration of how HPQ PUREVAP™ QRR process is modernizing the production of high-purity Silicon, transforming a century-old industrial process known for its significant CO2 emissions into an efficient, scalable, and low carbon manufacturing process.”

With the Gen3 QRR project gaining momentum, HPQ’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident. This achievement sets the stage for even greater developments, including the successful completion of one-step production of 4N Silicon and the initiation of commercial operations. As the world looks for greener alternatives, HPQ Silicon’s Gen3 QRR is shining a light on a future of cleaner and more efficient silicon production.

Now sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview with Bernard Tourillon, CEO of HPQ Silicon.

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