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Silicon’s Rise to Prominence: A Compelling Interview with HPQ Silicon on Inclusion in the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2023 Critical Materials

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 2:18 PM on Thursday, November 16th, 2023

Silicon’s Rise to Prominence: A Compelling Interview with HPQ Silicon on its Vital Inclusion in the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2023 Critical Materials List

In an exciting development for the clean energy industry, HPQ Silicon Inc. recently celebrated the U.S. Department of Energy’s inclusion of Silicon in the 2023 Critical Materials List. Silicon plays a crucial role in clean energy technologies and is essential for achieving a sustainable, net-zero emissions future. As the world transitions towards cleaner energy sources, the importance of Silicon in global supply chains cannot be understated.

HPQ Silicon, a technology company specializing in green engineering processes for silica and silicon material production, is strategically positioned to benefit from this recognition. The company’s commitment to developing sustainable, cost-effective production methods for high-purity Silicon aligns perfectly with the growing global emphasis on clean energy.

According to Bernard Tourillon, CEO of HPQ Silicon, the Department of Energy’s recognition of Silicon as a critical material endorses their strategic vision and investments in green processes. This endorsement could lead to various opportunities for HPQ Silicon, including government support, eligibility for tax credits, and increased investor interest.

HPQ’s proprietary technologies, such as PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactors and FUMED SILICA REACTOR, position the company at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. HPQ aims to become a leading producer of zero CO2 Silicon, silicon-based anode materials for batteries, and nano silicon materials, further driving innovation in the industry.

Overall, HPQ Silicon’s focus on green technologies and its inclusion in the Critical Materials List demonstrate its importance in shaping a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for North America and the world. This recognition by the U.S. Department of Energy opens up exciting possibilities for the company and its contributions to the global clean energy revolution.

Now sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview with Bernard Tourillon, CEO of HPQ Silicon.

HPQ Transforming 120 Year Old Process Of High Purity Silicon Production With Zero CO2 Emissions

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 2:18 PM on Thursday, November 16th, 2023

In a ground-breaking development, HPQ Silicon Inc. is achieving new heights in silicon purity with their PUREVAP™ Gen3 Quartz Reduction Reactor (Gen3 QRR). This innovative technology, developed in collaboration with PyroGenesis Canada Inc., is reshaping the silicon landscape, bringing higher purity levels and sustainability to the forefront.

In our recent interview, HPQ’s CEO, Bernard Tourillon, shared the excitement surrounding their latest achievement. The Gen3 QRR has successfully reached an unprecedented silicon purity level of 99.96%, surpassing their previous record of 99.92%. This achievement not only signifies a significant milestone but also brings them closer to their ultimate goal – producing 4N Silicon in a single step.

What’s driving this achievement? Tourillon explains that the Gen3 QRR’s Closed Electric Arc Furnace (CEAF) design is at the heart of the breakthrough. This unique furnace allows the controlled input of silica and carbon reductant, resulting in 3N+ silicon with zero carbon emissions. This process uses 25% less feedstock compared to traditional methods, making it a game-changer not just in purity but also in environmental impact.

Tourillon also highlights the significance of this achievement for the broader market. With the demand for silicon projected to rise to over 3.8 million tonnes by 2025, the need for high-purity silicon, especially for applications like battery-grade silicon, is greater than ever. HPQ’s Gen3 QRR is not just a technological advancement but a response to the industry’s demand for sustainable and efficient production.

Bernard Tourillon expresses his enthusiasm for the transformative impact of their technology. “The reproducibility of the results obtained by Gen3 QRR is another demonstration of how HPQ PUREVAP™ QRR process is modernizing the production of high-purity Silicon, transforming a century-old industrial process known for its significant CO2 emissions into an efficient, scalable, and low carbon manufacturing process.”

With the Gen3 QRR project gaining momentum, HPQ’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident. This achievement sets the stage for even greater developments, including the successful completion of one-step production of 4N Silicon and the initiation of commercial operations. As the world looks for greener alternatives, HPQ Silicon’s Gen3 QRR is shining a light on a future of cleaner and more efficient silicon production.

Now sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview with Bernard Tourillon, CEO of HPQ Silicon.

HPQ Silicon Delivers Game Changing Fumed Silica To One Of Biggest Industry Players In The World

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 2:18 PM on Thursday, November 16th, 2023

HPQ Silicon (TSX-V: HPQ) is making waves in the technology and materials industry with its ground-breaking advancements in green engineering processes. The company has announced a pivotal achievement – the successful production of commercial grade Fumed Silica samples through its proprietary Fumed Silica Reactor (‘FSR’) technology developed by its subsidiary, HPQ Silica Polvere Inc. in partnership with PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (TSX: PYR) (NASDAQ: PYR).


Mr. Bernard Tourillon, President and CEO of HPQ Silica Polvere Inc and HPQ Silicon Inc. stated:

“Third-party interests in our produced material have the potential to develop into partnership in our venture which could materialize in the form of offtake agreements, positioning them as prospective buyers of our material on a commercial scale …. Furthermore, this evaluation phase could extend to encompass our innovative production process, piquing their interest in adopting our technology as well.”

But HPQ made it clear interest in its fumed silica is growing well beyond just this undisclosed major global player:

“As our process gains more industry visibility, HPQ Silica Polvere anticipates significant interest in fumed silica production technology, benefiting both the Company and the industries that rely on this essential material, and this should lead in increase demand for samples from third parties eager to evaluate the characteristics of our material for the own needs,


HPQ Polvere holds a distinctive competitive edge through its Fumed Silica Reactor. This advantage stems from its ability to directly transform quartz into fumed silica, resulting in energy requirements as low as 15,000 kWh per tonne produced. This process not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes environmental impact and associated carbon taxes.


In an exclusive interview, AGORACOM sat down with Mr. Tourillon to go beyond the press release and delve into the significance of this achievement. The interview explores the journey from lab-scale production to commercial viability, the technology’s unique edge over conventional processes, and the far-reaching applications of Fumed Silica in industries ranging from personal care to automotive.

Mr. Tourillon highlights, “This is a game-changer for the industry. Our Fumed Silica Reactor stands as the only technology capable of directly transforming raw quartz into commercial grade fumed silica in a single step, with significantly lower energy requirements and environmental impact compared to conventional methods.”

The interview also delves into the ongoing third-party material quality evaluations under non-disclosure agreements, with potential partnerships on the horizon. HPQ’s innovative production process and its potential adoption across industries is also explored.

Fumed Silica, a versatile material with diverse applications, holds a global market potential that cannot be ignored at $USD 2.2 Billion annually and growing. As HPQ gears up to expand its production capacity based on its major competitive energy advantages, the interview provides insights into their strategic roadmap to fulfill market demands sustainably and efficiently.

Join us in this powerful conversation to understand how HPQ Silicon is driving the future of Fumed Silica production and shaping the landscape of this multibillion dollar market.

HPQ Patent For New Hydrogen Production System Has Potential Significant Implications For Hydrogen’s Role As A Safe And Clean On-Site Energy Source.

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 2:18 PM on Thursday, November 16th, 2023

Join us for an exclusive interview as we unveil a ground-breaking innovation in the world of hydrogen production. Novacium, a Lyon-based affiliated company of HPQ Silicon is poised to disrupt the industry with its patented autonomous, low-carbon footprint, on-demand pressurized hydrogen production system that requires no electricity.

This cutting-edge technology liberates hydrogen from cost-effective, environmentally friendly alloys, instantly reaching industry-standard pressure levels. Unlike traditional methods, Novacium’s system is truly autonomous, eliminating the need for extensive storage and complex transportation infrastructure.


With global market demand for clean hydrogen at an all-time high and a Deloitte study stating that achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 will require the development of a clean hydrogen market equivalent to 170 million tonnes by 2030, Novacium’s innovation offers a Paradigm shifting solution. This dual-application process, catering to both military and civilian needs, addresses the demand for low-carbon, high-pressure hydrogen production anywhere, even off-grid, prioritizing safety.


Novacium is currently engaged in discussions aiming to secure grant financing, from two potential clients, to cover 35% to 75% of the costs to deliver the first working field prototype of the system.

As the world seeks to decarbonize and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, hydrogen’s role is crucial. Novacium’s innovation has the potential to reshape the hydrogen landscape, meeting the growing market demand for sustainable, clean energy sources.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the future of hydrogen production and its impact on global sustainability. Join us for an in-depth conversation with Bernard Tourillon, President and CEO of NOVACIUM SAS and HPQ Silicon Inc.

Imagine AR Goes Beyond The AGM: LOI With 50K Sqf Immersive Entertainment Center

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 2:17 PM on Thursday, November 16th, 2023

Join us in the latest episode of “Beyond the AGM,” we sit down with Alen Paul Silverrstieen, CEO of Imagine AR (CSE: IP) (OTCQB: IPNFF). Fresh from the annual general meeting, AP shares insights into the recent AGM and gives us an exclusive update on the exciting developments happening at Imagine AR.

In this interview, AP discusses the company’s ground-breaking work in augmented reality and artificial intelligence integration, particularly in the sports and entertainment sectors. He talks about Imagine AR’s partnership with the Baltimore Ravens and their new software development kit (SDK) that brings AR experiences to fans. AP reveals how the Ravens’ involvement is sparking interest from other teams around the world, leading to potential new revenues for the company.

The conversation then delves into Imagine AR’s ambitious entertainment center project, where AP provides an in-depth update on the progress and partnerships involved in creating an innovative 50,000-square-foot entertainment center. As the project aims to combine various attractions and immersive experiences, AP shares the challenges and milestones faced along the way.

Lastly, AP explores the intersection of AR and AI, shedding light on how the company is embracing the future of interactive technology. He outlines Imagine AR’s plans to integrate AI capabilities, including chatbot functionality, into their AR experiences to enhance fan engagement and offer unique entertainment offerings.

Tune in to discover how Imagine AR is redefining the fan experience through cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovation in AR and AI. Join us as we go beyond the AGM to explore the exciting world of augmented reality and its transformative potential in sports, entertainment, and beyond.

After 18 Months of Development and Testing, SOBRsure Is Now Available For Purchase

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 2:17 PM on Thursday, November 16th, 2023

In this interview, we delve into the transformative journey of SOBRsafe, a NASDAQ listed, trailblazing pioneer in alcohol safety technology. We engage in a candid conversation with Dave Gandini, CEO of SOBRsafe, shedding light on the company’s recent breakthroughs, partnerships, and revenue opportunities.

In a world where paradigm shifts redefine industries, SOBRsafe has seized the mantle by introducing the world’s first touch-based solution to avert alcohol-related accidents. Dave Gandini discusses the game-changing potential of their SOBRsure Alcohol Band – a wearable that continuously monitors alcohol presence, offering unprecedented real-time data for individuals, families, and businesses.

The interview dives into the significance of SOBRsafe’s strategic partnerships, notably with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), a powerful testament to the credibility of their mission and technology. Gandini emphasizes the pivotal role these partnerships play in driving adoption and amplifying their impact, particularly in areas like teen driver safety.

While addressing the timeline of product development, Dave provides insights into the proactive “stealth mode” phase – a time where SOBRsafe actively engaged potential customers and fine-tuned strategies for their ground-breaking technology’s market debut.

As the conversation progresses, Dave paints a comprehensive picture of SOBRsafe’s market potential – from alcohol rehabilitation providers to oil and gas industries prioritizing safety. The discussion delves into the pricing adjustments undertaken based on user feedback, adoption insights, and the role of licensing in expanding their global reach.

Prepare to be captivated by SOBRsafe’s journey as they disrupt the norm, elevate safety standards, and create partnerships that resonate with the company’s commitment to preventing alcohol-related accidents.

Watch this interview and discover how SOBRSafe’s ground-breaking technology is shaping the future of alcohol safety.

MOU Paves Way For HPQ’s On Demand Hydrogen To Massive Defense Market

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 2:02 PM on Thursday, November 16th, 2023

HPQ Silicon and its France-based affiliate, Novacium SAS have developed a low carbon, chemical base on demand and high-pressure autonomous hydrogen production system. The system stands out for its capacity to re-imagine hydrogen production because Unlike traditional electrolysis-based hydrogen production systems, Novacium’s process operates without the need for electricity, extensive storage, and complex transportation infrastructure, making it a truly autonomous solution.

Patent for new hydrogen production system has potential significant implications for hydrogen’s role as a safe and clean on-site energy source
No Electricity Required
Catering to both military and civilian needs
Discussions already underway with two potential clients
Deloitte study stating that achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 will require the development of a clean hydrogen market equivalent to 170 million tonnes by 2030.


HPQ Silicon and Novacium SAS, have joined forces with LN INNOV’ SAS, a French networking company with a stronghold in sectors including Defense. Together, they aim to revolutionize the energy industry.


France has set its sights on becoming the world leader in green hydrogen, the ultimate clean energy source. Novacium’s cutting-edge hydrogen production system is the key to achieving this ambitious goal.


The three-party agreement aims to introduce Novacium’s high-pressure hydrogen production system to French defense industry giants. This revolutionary technology simplifies hydrogen production, enhances safety, and minimizes transportation needs.


Novacium is gearing up to present its groundbreaking hydrogen solution at the Energy Working Group (EWG) meeting, hosted by the “Groupement des Industries Françaises de Défense et de Sécurité Terrestre et Aéroterrestre”. This opportunity could open doors to game-changing collaborations with manufacturers.


HPQ Silicon is a force of innovation. With a focus on high-purity silicon, silicon-based anode materials for batteries, and fumed silica, HPQ is at the forefront of the green technology revolution.

Don’t miss your chance to invest in a company that’s shaping the future of renewable energy. HPQ Silicon is committed to growth, sustainability, and making the world a cleaner place.

Celtic takes first step into #Esports with online #FIFA tournament to win #ChampionsLeague tickets and other perks $GMBL

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:01 AM on Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Celtic takes first step into esports with online FIFA tournament to win Champions League tickets and other perks

  • Starting this October, that will pit players against each other in online matches to win Celtic Champions League tickets and a variety of other prizes
  • Tournament will see players battling it out, all playing as Celtic, in head to head matches.

It will be open only to residents of the UK and Ireland who are aged 16 or over, can play on an Xbox and can stream their games online. This is Celtic’s first step into esports, but it’s quite a substantial one, especially if you’re a Celtic fan.

The winner will get a bundle of Celtic goodies: a 2017/2018 home top, a scarf, two tickets to Celtic’s Champions League match against Bayern Munich at Celtic park, a trip to Paris for Celtic’s Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain and the chance to play a showdown FIFA match against one of PSG’s FIFA players.

This showdown match seems to suggest that the winner of the tournament will then go on to represent Celtic in their face-off against PSG, which could mean that Celtic are looking for a FIFA player to represent them full-time, although it’s unclear if that role could be offered to the winner of the tournament, or someone else entirely further down the line.

It’s unclear who will be entirely yet, but Epsilon’s professional FIFA player Anthony ‘Guigsey’ McGuigan is a noted Celtic fan and has tweeted his intent to compete in the tournament. Whether he can win the 1024 player contest remains to be seen, but as the prize is primarily of value to a Celtic fan that is also a professional level FIFA player, he may not have too much top level competition.


GGX Gold’s First 16 Channel Sample Results All Come Back Anomalous for Gold and Silver up to 6.12 g/t Gold and 72.8 g/t Silver, C.O.D. Vein $

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:04 AM on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017
  • Sampling covered distance of 30m of newly exposed C.O.D. vein
  • Trenching 3.97 g/t au & 28.8g/t ag # S423770
  • Trenching 6.12 g/t au & 72.8 g/t ag # S423776

Historic Gold Camp Greenwood BC

VANCOUVER, BC / July 19, 2017 / GGX Gold Corp. (TSXV: GGX) (OTC PINK: GGXXF) (the “Company” or “GGX”) is pleased to announce receipt of the first batch of channel sample analytical results from the current program of channel sampling along the C.O.D. vein in the Gold Drop Southwest Zone. To date trenching has exposed over 160 meters of this vein. The first batch of channel samples came from the southern extent of the C.O.D. vein. The samples, collected across the vein covered a total of 30 meters at approximately 1.5 meter intervals. These samples taken across the vein were approximately 1 meter long.

To view an image of the Vein area where the sample was taken, please click on the following link:

Samples were submitted to ALS Minerals and analyzed for gold by screen metallic fire assay and for 33 elements (including silver) by four acid and ICP-AES. The samples returned significant gold and silver values. All of the samples were anomalous in gold ranging from 0.24 g/tonne to 6.12 grams per tonne gold. GGX Gold has submitted an additional 52 channel samples for analysis. The Company is continuing its sampling program along the C.O.D vein and will be submitting further samples in the days ahead. Samples and corresponding gold and silver analyses from the first batch of channel samples are listed in Table 1.

The Company is currently drilling and will provide an update of drilling activities shortly

To view images of the Sample being cut out of the vein, please click on the following links:

Table of the first 16 C.O.D. Channel Sample Results

  • Channel Sample Intervals were taken every 1.5 Meters
  • Samples were taken over 1 meter across the Vein
SAMPLE Au Total (+)(-) Combined Ag
DESCRIPTION g/tonne g/tonne
S423761 0.48 4.3
S423762 0.45 3.4
S423763 1 7
S423764 0.64 6.3
S423765 4.16 37
S423766 2.63 19.9
S423767 2.38 26.4
S423768 2.62 31.4
S423769 0.93 11.4
S423770 3.97 28.8
S423771 0.72 6.3
S423772 0.51 3.7
S423773 0.56 5.8
S423774 0.24 1.8
S423775 1.32 9.1
S423776 6.12 72.8

David Martin, P.Geo., a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101, is responsible for the technical information contained in this News Release.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,

Barry Brown, Director

Investor Relations Contact:
Mr. Jack Singh
E-mail: [email protected]