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Watch Our Royal Helium Shareholder Q & A

Posted by Paul Nanuwa at 9:19 AM on Friday, March 8th, 2024

In an era marked by ground-breaking space endeavors, Royal Helium takes flight, steering the helium market to new heights. This exclusive shareholder Q&A unveils Royal Helium’s 2024 development plan.

Key Highlights:

1. The Helium Space Odyssey:

Rocket launches hit a record high in 2022, continuing in 2023, setting the stage for Royal Helium’s stellar success. With three-year purchase commitments from a major aerospace giant, Royal Helium stands as a crucial player in the space industry.

2. State-of-the-Art Facility:

Operating from its state-of-the-art purification facility in Steveville, Royal Helium processes 15 million cubic feet of raw gas annually, producing 22,000 mcf of 99.999% pure helium. This facility, with a 25-year lifespan, received approval for a $3 million investment from the Government of Canada, solidifying Royal Helium’s position as an industry leader.

3. CEO’s Vision for 2024:

Andrew Davidson, CEO of Royal Helium, affirms, “Our focus in 2024 is on determining sites for additional processing facilities, leveraging our unique position for swift expansion.” As the Steveville facility reaches capacity, Royal Helium aims to transition from one facility to multiple, showcasing its commitment to sustainable growth.

Insightful Q&A:

1. Operational Excellence:

Amid concerns, Royal Helium clarifies its meticulous ramp-up strategy, emphasizing single-well operation before integrating the second well. The company aims for consistent production at the 15 million cf/d capacity, with adjustments ensuring optimal efficiency.

2. Trailblazing Progress:

While production statistics trend upward, Royal Helium reveals the phased release of production and operating details. Despite occasional interruptions for adjustments, the company assures investors of its commitment to transparency once steady-state production is achieved.

3. Addressing Concerns:

The Q&A addresses industry chatter about helium venting during plant adjustments. Royal Helium reassures investors that this is part of the ramp-up process, with venting ceasing once the plant operates at full capacity.

4. Future Developments:

Royal Helium’s technical teams are actively collaborating on upcoming projects, with announcements expected as they are finalized. The company’s strategic approach, including the procurement of longer lead items, economies of scale, and off-take sales agreements, positions it for sustained success.


Royal Helium’s 2024 development plan solidifies its standing as a trailblazer in the helium space. Witness the future unfold by watching the exclusive Q&A interview and share in the excitement of discovering a small-cap gem poised for success.

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