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FEATURE: $ Why Augusta Industries is an under valued company

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:43 PM on Thursday, March 15th, 2018



Augusta Industries Subsidiary FOX-TEK Canada Inc is a rare Gem of a tech company where its technology, potential and capabilities are undervalued and therefore discounted. Investors don’t seem to appreciate that FOX TEK is making great strides with its available resources while developing industry disruptive technology capable of meeting current value expectations. The patient investor understands and values a company that is creating new and disruptive technological tools

Sales and revenue evaluation of a company is great when you are invested in GE, FORD, GM, IBM and Apple, but the real value missed here by a few shareholders is what FOX-TEK’s engineers are able to create. FOX TEK first started with the FT Systems as its sole technology and below is living proof of what FOX-TEK has been able to create.

1) Electric Field Mapping (EFM) Corrosion monitor

Used predominately to measure, with great accuracy, the material loss in pipelines and vessels due to corrosion/erosion. The technology has been successfully used as a validation of existing integrity programs. The technology can also be used in research and material testing applications.

2) Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) System

Technology based on optical strain sensors. These sensors are inherently safe (due to the fact that the sensors are powered by light) and easy to use. Due to the high bandwidth of the sensors, they can also be used to measure vibrations. There many applications in both the oil & gas sector and civil infrastructure where these sensors can bring a benefit.

3) FG-OD

Novel non intrusive leak detection technology used to detect leaks in pipelines and vessels. Due to its high sensitivity, the sensor cable can also detect VOC due to leaks.  By using smart detection levels and adapting to its environment, this technology will generate zero false alarms.

4) Advanced Sensor Design

Advanced intrusive optical sensor that will, over time, change its optical characteristics when in the presence of various elements. Can be used in applications where specific trace elements can lead to a negative impact on normal operating conditions.

5) Currently as per FOX-TEK’s last Press release, working to develop a new technology to measure the ingress of damaging liquids under insulation/coating. This LOI is indicative of the confidence major parties involved have in the burgeoning technology, be it Federal, Provincial Academic or Business.