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FEATURE: Peeks Social $ Revolutionizing Video Streaming With Real Time Monetization $BCOV $AVID

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 3:42 PM on Friday, December 1st, 2017


Peeks is a new live streaming app where people can interact and transact in real time by sending cash tips as appreciation for content and or selling goods and services to their live viewers.

  • Evolution of social media, television, digital advertising, and mobile commerce naturally converge
  • Peeks Social is revolutionizing the way the world interacts and transacts.
  • Worlds first; purpose built, video streaming monetization platform.’
  • Allows both users and advertisers to monetize a global audience in ways previously thought to be impossible.

The Shifting landscape

  • ·     Digital marketing spend is projected to grow from $57.3B USD in 2014 to $103.4B USD in 2019
  •       Viewers spend 8x longer with live video than on demand:  42.8 min vs. 5.1 min
  •       Live video is outpacing growth of other types of online video with 113% increase in add growth yearly
  •       100,000,000 internet users watch online video everyday
  •       By 2019 online video will be responsible for 80% of global internet traffic.
  •       In the U.S. online video will be responsible for 85% of domestic US traffic