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FEATURE: Namaste (N: CSE) #1 Vaporizer Distributor in Europe, $5.8M USD of Revenue Run Rate

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 5:11 PM on Thursday, July 28th, 2016


  • #1 vaporizer distributor in Europe
  • $5.8M USD of revenue run rate
  • Proprietary products launched
  • Perfect market timing for expansion

  • International ecommerce distribution
  • 30+ International based portals
  • 10 Languages
  • Proprietary vaporizer products
  • Targeting organic growth at 100% per year
  • Sourcing accretive M & A transactions


  • Decriminalization and destigmatization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in US, Canada and Europe
  • Vaporizers have lower regulatory burden than growers

Health Advantages

Technical Advances

  • Improved mobility from reduced size of vaporizers
  • Ability to handle liquids, resins and plant matters
  • Conduction, convection, induction technologies
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Increasingly becoming part of the internet of things

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