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AGORACOM Welcomes Marijuana Company of America (MCOA:OTC) At The Forefront Of Hemp Marketing And Distribution $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:41 AM on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016




  • Recently launched Club Harmoneous to provide product distribution services to its members
  • Services provided include product sourcing, processing, product development, marketing, branding, distribution, delivery and customer loyalty through direct sales
  • Recently launched the BudzPlus brand, focused on the medical and recreational marijuana markets
  • In process of launching the HempSmart product line to distribute its hemp-derived products


  • Cannabis and hemp marketing and distribution company that offers premium quality seed-to-solution products for the cannabis and hemp industry and consumers.
  • Delivering all the benefits of cannabis by focusing on ailment-specific, leisure-specific, and health & beauty-specific cannabis product applications.
  • Product sourcing, branding, payment, distribution, and knowledge through a revolutionary architecture to maintain customer loyalty and capture market share.


MCOA procures and distributes cannabis and hemp products through a direct sales platform and its Club Harmoneous brand. In legal medical marijuana states, MCOA affiliates will refer consumers to a collective/dispensary. The Company will offer a wide selection of cannabis and hemp derived products. The Company will deliver top quality cannabis products at competitive prices, which will be on the lower end of current market prices.

The Company is also preparing to launch its first proprietary hemp-derived CBD product in Q3 2016. MCOA plans to expand the HempSmart brand and continue to develop and launch new proprietary cannabinoid products on a quarterly basis thereafter.

HempSmart will launch proprietary blended formulations of cannabinoid nutraceutical products for Energy, Sleep, Relaxation, Immunity, Pain, Hair Growth, body care and cosmetic products, food, clothing and more.


  • Growth in the cannabis industry has been building momentum for more than 5 years. Overwhelming public support is helping fuel exponential growth.
  • Consumers are able to access factual information regarding cannabis, they are less likely to believe the baseless propaganda that is spewed by the opponents of legalization.
  • Dr. Gupta, CNN’s Chief Correspondent, said that he now believes that cannabis does in fact help people.
  • Comments generated significant media coverage around the world. He has since doubled down with a second and third follow up documentaries on cannabis.

Gupta: ‘I am doubling down’ on medical marijuana

Medical marijuana and ‘the entourage effect’

  • Recreational marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington State could top half a billion dollars;
  • The recreational market is expected to continue growing rapidly as more states legalize cannabis, reaching approximately $4.2 billion in 2018;
  • Florida and other unexpected states like Texas could legalize cannabis in 12-18 months, creating scores of new business and investment opportunities;
  • Ancillary industries and companies (those that do not touch the plant) generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually, in additional revenues and will continue to expand alongside cannabis sales;
  • Combined recreational cannabis sales could total an estimated $40-$45 billion, if cannabis is legalized across the United States.

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