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Namaste expands its customer list to over 250,000 individuals producing monthly traffic of nearly 600,000 site visits $

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  • Expanded its customer list to over 250,000 individuals producing monthly traffic of nearly 600,000 site visits;
  • Expanded its portfolio to over 3,000 products from over 200 vendors and delivered these products to retail customers in 75 countries;
  • Expanded commercial relationships with Pax Labs, Firefly, eBay, VaporTown USA, and Inhalator


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Jan. 6, 2017) – Namaste Technologies Inc. (“Namaste” or the “Company“) (CSE:N) (CSE:N.CN) (FRANKFURT:M5BQ) announces the filing of its annual audited financial statements, management discussion and analysis, and certification of the annual filings for the year ended August 31, 2016 (collectively, the “2016 Financials“). The Company also provides investors an overview of corporate activities and outlines objectives for 2017. The statements for the period can be accessed on SEDAR at

Operational Highlights

During the financial reporting period and year-to-date, the Company focused efforts on expanding its customer base, completing a public listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange, securing growth capital, bringing the latest vaporizer and accessory products to the global market, accelerating organic sales generation from more costly pay-per-click advertising, completing strategic partnerships and acquisitions, and expanding the management team and board. As a result of these focused initiatives, the Company achieved the following:

  • Expanded its customer list to over 250,000 individuals producing monthly traffic of nearly 600,000 site visits;
  • Expanded its portfolio to over 3,000 products from over 200 vendors and delivered these products to retail customers in 75 countries;
  • Expanded commercial relationships with Pax Labs, Firefly, eBay, VaporTown USA, and Inhalator;
  • Acquired the VaporSeller and URT1 Limited (“URT1”) assets;
  • Raised approximately $5.7 million; and
  • Appointed experienced members to the management team and board.

Financial Results

During the period from September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016, the Company’s inbound organic revenue generation strategy produced e-commerce revenue of $3,488,902 and gross profit of $1,220,474 (including all transportation and shipping costs), resulting in a 32% gross profit margin. These financial results include revenues for a 47-day period from the VaporSeller asset acquisition, which produced revenue of $394,901. On a proforma basis, including the acquisition of assets relating to URT1 Limited during Q1 of fiscal 2017, management estimates the combined assets of Namaste, VaporSeller and URT1 generated revenue of $12,423,486. 2016 financial results include the following:

  • Revenue of $3,488,902 (2015 – $4,568,276), a decline of 23.6% as compared to the year ended August 31, 2015. This decline in revenue is due to a change in business model, from pay-per-click advertising to growing organic traffic through search engine optimization. Due to this change in strategy, the annual spending on advertising during the period was substantially reduced to $203,423 from $466,379 in the prior period, a reduction of 56% in total expenditure. Going forward, the Company’s investment of resources into this strategy will result in more sustainable and recurring revenue generation at a lower customer acquisition cost compared to utilizing pay-per-click advertising.
  • Cost of sales of $2,368,428 (2015 – $2,565,251), which resulted in a gross profit of $1,120,474 (2015 – $2,003,025). As a percentage of sales, the gross margin was 32% compared to 44% in the previous year. This reflects the acquisition of VaporSeller which generates lower gross margin sales. Going forward, the Company is optimizing its product mix to include higher margin glassware, private label products such as the Gurutm and related product accessories, products sourced from larger volume manufacturers, and driving higher average purchase prices from the acquisition of VaporSeller and URT1.
  • Operating costs of $3,286,666 (2015 – $1,414,157), an increase of 132%. This increase in operating costs includes non-cash, non-recurring and currency expenses of $1,372,505. These costs relate to the share issuance value associated with listing the Company on the Canadian Securities Exchange through a reverse takeover, share based compensation, legal expenses for listing the Company, financings and the acquisition of VaporSeller, and foreign exchange movements in the Company’s source currencies including the British Pound and Euro. After adjusting for these numbers, management estimates total operating costs of $1,914,161 for the period. In addition to these expenditures, the Company has also incurred costs associated with positioning the business for scalability and the administration of its public listing.
  • Comprehensive loss of $1,927,776 (2015 – profit of $355,230). This decrease in net income is attributable to the transition of the Company’s business model, decline in gross margin and increase in operating costs. Going forward, management anticipates sales growth to strengthen from organic revenue generation and completed acquisitions, cost of sales to reduce due to high volume purchases and optimization of the product portfolio, and operating costs to reduce as a result of normalized operations. The Company anticipates being profitable and cash flow positive in fiscal 2017.

2017 Corporate Objectives

In 2017, the Company will continue to focus on key objectives to deliver value to its shareholders. These objectives include the following:

  • Continue to focus on high growth markets and position the Company to capitalize on the destigmatization of cannabis in major markets including the US and Canada. Grow organic sales at greater than 30% year-over-year from current business efforts and reach portability;
  • Complete multiple strategic acquisitions that expand the Company’s geographical presence, product offering and e-commerce capabilities. Seamlessly integrate these acquisitions into existing operations.
  • Further enhance e-commerce systems and further streamline the Company’s analytical reporting capabilities. Utilize the latest technologies to provide in-depth information on consumer and industry buying trends.
  • Expand the Company’s board and management team with qualified professionals and further train and develop existing staff members. Generate a results driven corporate culture focused on shared objectives.

Cease Trade Order

As disclosed in the Company’s press release dated January 5, 2017, trading of the Company’s common shares has been halted pursuant to a cease trade order of same date (“CTO“) issued by the British Columbia Securities Commission (the “Commission“) under National Policy 11-207 Failure-to-File Cease Trade Orders and Revocations in Multiple Jurisidictions. The filing of the 2016 Financials constitutes the Company’s application for removal of the CTO and initiates the Commission’s review process. The Company will provide additional disclosure as and when information becomes available in respect of the Commission’s review process.

Management Commentary

Sean Dollinger, President and CEO of Namaste, comments: “2016 has been a transformation year for Namaste. Looking back at the accomplishments of our team and our goals for 2017, I see nothing but opportunity. The hallmark of our team’s execution capabilities has been based on defining attainable objectives, implementing the right strategy, focusing the right people on executing that strategy, and overcoming any challenges as a team. I would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their support in 2016 and believe we will look back at 2017 with the same sense of accomplishment and optimism for the future.”

About Namaste Technologies Inc.

Namaste Technologies Inc. is an emerging leader in vaporizer and accessories space. Namaste has 26 ecommerce retail stores in 20 countries, offers the largest range of brand name vaporizers products on the market and is actively manufacturing and launching multiple unique proprietary products for retail and wholesale distribution. The Company is currently focused on expanding its product offering, acquisitions and strategic partnerships, and entering new markets globally.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Sean Dollinger, Chief Executive Officer

Further information on the Company and its products can be accessed through the links below:


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