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FEATURE: Meet The World’s First Electronic Communication Network For Digital Currencies, Annual Gross Trades: $943 BILLION #Blockstation $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:41 AM on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Why Blockstation

You need a stock exchange to trade stocks, but how do you trade cryptocurrencies?

  • Meet the first MARKET DELIVERY SYSTEM For BlockChain Tokens
  • Annual Gross Trades: $943 BILLION
  • Yearly Transactions Up 437%
  • Yearly volume Up 1485%

World’s First Electronic Communication Network For Digital Currencies

  • At the forefront of research, development and commercialization of an enterprise grade, direct market access platform for Blockchain Tokens like Bitcoin.
  • Technology facilitates on-line electronic trading and delivery of live streaming auditable reference quotes, allowing Blockchain Tokens to be accessed by traditional financial institutions and on-line retail trading platforms.
  • Electronic Communications Network  has been built using the methods and design principals of BATS, BRUT, Archipelago and Island

Creating a familiar gateway to the traditional financial industry we not only have enabled the inclusion of millions of participants who might not otherwise have had the ability to access modern Digital Currency markets, we have also provided incredibly new instruments and revenue streams for Clients.


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