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INTERVIEW: Namaste $ Continues Hitting Milestones Faster Than Any Other Small Cap Company We Know, WATCH NOW! $ $ $ $ACB

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:57 AM on Friday, December 8th, 2017


We have never interviewed a client more than we’ve interviewed Namaste Technologies – and with good reason. The Company just continues to hit milestones faster than any other small cap company we know.

This can be attributed to the fact Namaste has evolved into a tech powerhouse within the medical cannabis delivery systems industry – GLOBALLY. More than just lip service, the company’s e-commerce sites are operating in 26 countries and all of them will soon be powered by Artificial Intelligence. Namaste also has 5 distribution hubs located around the world, making them the world’s largest E-Commerce B2C vaporizer company.

Does that story sound familiar? Because to us it sounds a whole lot like the beginnings of Amazon. Namaste was founded in a garage and focused on just one product. Today, it spans the globe and growing like wildfire through acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships because EVERYONE wants to work with Namaste. Namaste is on it’s way to “Amazoning” the entire industry – and they have the Amazon blue print to follow.

The Company’s latest milestone? Surpassing $2M in monthly revenue. It’s a major one and puts Namaste into rarified air. It’s sequential 69% growth and annual 146% growth tell us the story is only getting started.

Grab a coffee, strap yourself in and watch President and CEO, Sean Dollinger, show you a glimpse into the future.

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