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This CEO Is Cashing In On Female #Gamers (By Giving Them What They Want) #Kuuhubb $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 12:07 PM on Friday, August 31st, 2018

  • Mobile games are exploding
  • Women make up almost half of gamers
  • Although boys (and young men) still come to mind for most people when asked what a “gamer” looks like, the percent of women playing video games is now up to 45%

Gorman believes women are the future of gaming — and that gaming companies need to embrace this overlooked demographic in their game design to succeed in the next wave of development. Her solution is to bring gender diversity to an industry that is perversely unaware of it. Her company’s mission is to focus on creating games that are artificial intelligence-based and specifically designed to help players relax and de-stress. The company’s debut mobile app is called Confetti Casino, a Vegas-style slots game.

There are several new trends that could help Gorman achieve her goals:

Mobile games are exploding

Over the next 4 years, Gorman says that “all growth in gaming revenue will be on mobile platforms.” At this time, 64% of women and 38% of men already prefer using mobile over other gaming platforms. Gorman attributes this growth to the convenience and accessibility of mobile. Mobile games are more approachable and offer quick play sessions during lulls in the day. In this way, mobile games can become core parts of our lives, just as text messaging, online shopping, and social networking have. Traditional console and PC games require expensive equipment that facilitates longer, more intense play sessions. Often, the extended gaming time spent on those devices can be a problem for players, as when teens avoid dinner or homework to play them. However, a mobile game player only needs a smartphone and appropriate apps to participate. Plus, both mobile phones and the apps they run are becoming more powerful and  more graphically realistic, making them more appealing every year.

Gorman also points out that Millennials and Gen X-ers grew up playing games on their mobile devices. With the exponential rise of smartphones, it simply makes sense that a fun childhood hobby will continue into adulthood.

Women like using games to destress and to be social

When it comes to mobile games, what do women want? Fort Mason Games surveyed 3,000 women to find out. 93% said

Kate Gorman, CEO of Fort Mason GamesFort Mason Games

they play slots games on their phones and tablets to relieve stress. Fort Mason Games also found that women tend to be highly social when it comes to mobile gaming. Confetti Casino was designed with that in mind. It’s easy for players to bring new friends into the game, as well as forming new friendships with other players. The game encourages players to send and receive HeartGrams that pay in-game rewards. Gorman says this feature has resulted in highly positive App Store reviews and more engagement and fun for participants.

The games women love to play will gross billions in revenue

There are over 2.5 billion players in the socially-driven mobile gaming ecosystem. Social casino games alone are projected to gross $4.2 billion in revenue just this year. That’s money that will be left on the virtual table if gaming companies continue to ignore the female gaming community and its particular needs and interests. According to a Google study, 60% of female mobile game players surveyed feel that fewer than 1 in 3 games are made with women in mind.

Gorman advises gaming companies — especially ones with male-dominated leadership — to remember that female audiences are different. They may not necessarily value the same themes, artwork, and gaming mechanics as male audiences. It’s important to consider what female audiences would find relatable and enjoyable to play, but it’s equally important to ensure the gaming experience is respectful to women. In many games, female characters are portrayed in an overly-sexualized fashion that is meant to serve the male audience’s interests.

Gorman says she is aware of how demeaning this can be for women, so she created Confetti Casino Slots with a more sensitive and respectful approach. The in-game characters are fully clothed, and the tone of the game portrays a simple party-vibe as opposed to one of sexual conquest.

Forging the future of women in gaming

Gorman is one of very few women CEOs in mobile gaming. She’s on a mission to build a billion dollar mobile entertainment business — and she’s doing it by creating a gaming community for and by women. With several new games under development, look to Fort Mason Games to lead the way in the female future of mobile gaming, that is, an experience that’s mobile, socially-focused, and female-centric. For companies looking to take a bigger piece of the pie in the coming years, the female audience is a relatively untapped and underserved population.

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