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VIDEO – $ Silicon Sees Another Mutli-Billion Dollar Market In Creating Renewable Hydrogen From Mixing Silicon Powder and Water $ENPH $BE $NNO $PYR

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 6:22 PM on Thursday, February 25th, 2021

You can’t fault investors whose first thought about Hydrogen is danger and explosions – because Hydrogen is pretty notorious for that thanks to the infamous Hindenburg disaster .  It’s an overblown example but it’s the image most people have of Hydrogen.

But HPQ Silicon and it’s partners have taken some significant steps forward to changing all that thanks to a much nicer process of creating Hydrogen:


Quite simply HBH is “Getting porous silicon nano powders to react with water “H2O” and thereby releasing significant quantities of Hydrogen ” H2  “.  In short, you are simply mixing silicon nano powders with water to create Hydrogen.  No mass liquid or gaseous volumes to transport in a combustible state.  Just powder and water.


In September of 2020, HPQ CEO Bernard Tourillon stated:

“Since 2017, our collaboration with Apollon has enabled us to benefit from their world-renowned expertise with high value-added Silicon applications.  The addition of manufacturing hydrogen by hydrolysis to our collaboration opens up a new and unique business opportunity that could represent a second multibillion-dollar addressable market for the PUREVAPTM Nano Silicon (Si) Reactor (“NSiR”) nanopowders.”

For decades, hydrogen was presumed to be “the fuel of the future,” with electric cars limited to the niche of small, short-range urban cars – but hasn’t been able to deliver due to too many issues to mention here with fuel cells.  Hydrogen by Hydrolysis is a great alternative but cost prohibitive due to the costs of porous silicon nano powders …. until now.

Enter HPQ Silicon.  

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