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VIDEO – HPQ Updates Ongoing Validation of EBH2 Green Hydrogen Extraction Technology

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 5:48 PM on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021
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HPQ Silicon Resources Inc. (TSX-V: HPQ) is a Canadian producer of Innovative Silicon Solutions, based in Montreal,  building a portfolio of unique high-value specialty silicon products needed for the coming RER along with 2 world-renowned technology partners.

  • high purity silicon metal
  • spherical silicon nanopowders and nanowires
  • porous silicon (Si) wafers and porous silicon (Si) powders
  • HPQ NANO Receives First Order for Spherical Nano Silicon Material from Major Automobile Manufacturer
  • NDA with at least 2 battery players
  • Pyrogenesis Canada (a global leader in plasma torch technologies) =  2 reactors
    • PUREVAP Quartz Reduction Reactors (QRR) to be Commissioned in Q4 2021
      • an innovative process (patent pending), which will permit the one-step transformation of quartz (SiO 2) into high purity silicon (Si) at reduced costs, energy input, and carbon footprint
    • PUREVAP TM Nano Silicon Reactor (NSiR ) Through its 100% owned subsidiary, HPQ NANO Silicon Powders Inc.,  a new proprietary process that can use different purities of silicon (Si) as feedstock, to make a wide range of nano/micro spherical powders of different sizes and nanowires.

This past August, HPQ Announced a Revolutionary and Breakthrough Green Hydrogen Extraction Technology Venture.

EBH 2 first successfully tested prototype model has a clean energy production capacity starting at 1 Megawatt of power that can be produced over 7 days from 2 litres of water; sufficient energy to power a typical three bedroom suburban house.

Since then, the company has Received TSX Venture Approval to Proceed With EBH2 Green Hydrogen Extraction Technology Venture.

Today the company announced that two PhD’s with more than 30 years practical experience in the field of renewable energy and with first-hand experience developing hydrogen processes, have completed the first round of testing.  

The tests confirmed that the EBH 2 Green Hydrogen Reactors (EBH 2 GHR) uses low voltage 1 to power electrolysers that generate a H 2 + O 2 gas mixture fuels that can be used to power a generator or any kind of fuel system to produce electricity. 

HPQ CEO Bernard Tourillon commented: “Corporations and Governments worldwide strongly believe that Hydrogen can play a significant part in decarbonising our economies, and they are willing to invest billions of dollars to help develop green hydrogen production. EBH2 Systems SA, with their proprietary low-cost electrolyser technology, present HPQ with one of these game changing synergetic opportunities that we simply could not overlook,” Mr. Tourillon, further stated: “We are getting even closer to the point where EBH 2 technology will be validated and when that occurs HPQ will be very well positioned to enter the hydrogen market with a system that can efficiently produce green hydrogen, on demand, which we believe will complement our green silicon materials initiatives needed to meet the demand of the up and coming renewable energy revolution.” 

Sit back and watch this power interview with HPQ CEO Bernard Tourillon.

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