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Green River Gold Goes 50-For-50 Drilling Nickel. Anticipates 43-101 Resource Estimate In 2024

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 4:33 PM on Monday, March 18th, 2024

If you hit .300 in baseball Hall Of Fame

If you shot 50% basketball You’re an icon

If you go 50-50 in drilling You’re Green River Gold

With Gold maintaining its strength above $2,100 and the electric vehicle boom driving unprecedented demand for battery metals, the resource industry is witnessing a profound and optimistic shift. Amidst this transformative landscape, investors face a crucial decision: Do they prioritize the enduring appeal of Gold, or do they capitalize on the emerging opportunities within the rapidly expanding battery metals sector?

Enter Green River Gold, a dynamic small-cap resources company strategically positioned to provide investors with the best of both worlds. By curating a portfolio of powerhouse projects in British Columbia, Green River Gold offers unparalleled access to the wealth potential of both precious metals and critical battery metals.

Projects include: 

  1. Quesnel Nickel/Magnesium/Talc Project
  2. Fontaine Gold Project
  3. KaLi Lithium Pegmatite Project
  4. Kymar Silver Project
  5. Midnight Special Prospect (Gold, Silver, Copper)

These projects collectively position Green River Gold Corp. in some of British Columbia’s most highly prospective mining districts.


Green River Gold ignites excitement with the approval of a comprehensive exploration plan for its Quesnel Nickel Project. The company’s five-year area-based permit promises a deep dive into the potential riches beneath the surface.

What’s in Store:

  1. The company is set to embark on a significant drilling campaign, targeting Zone 1 with infill drilling to establish an NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate.
  2. Bulk Sampling: A substantial 3,999-tonne bulk sampling program will provide ample material for metallurgical and mineralogical testing, focusing on nickel, magnesium, and talc deposits.
  3. Expansion Endeavors: Green River aims to expand the known footprint of Zone 1 mineralization while seeking to unveil the source of metallic veins previously discovered.


Perry Little, President and CEO of Green River Gold Corp., expresses enthusiasm, stating,

“We are pleased to move on to a deeper drilling program and a significant bulk sampling program after intersecting various minerals from surface. Our aim is to unlock the full mineral resource potential of this exciting project.”


With each drill and sample, Green River Gold Corp. is paving the way for potential discoveries in the untapped depths of the Quesnel Nickel Project. As the company delves deeper, investors eagerly anticipate the unveiling of valuable resources and the ensuing strides in sustainable resource development.

For further insights into Green River Gold Corp. and its ambitious exploration efforts, delve into the full interview with Perry Little, available now.

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