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Kidoz Generates $USD 1.79 Million In Q1 24 Revenue, Record Revenue Expected In ’24

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 4:44 PM on Thursday, May 30th, 2024

If you believe in the future of digital advertising and you should because 50% of TV advertising has shifted to digital and continues to accelerate, then you are going to love discovering Kidoz who is the absolute leader in child safe mobile advertising.   

Offering a secure platform for brands to engage with their target audience. This innovative approach has not only propelled Kidoz to the forefront of the adtech industry but has also revolutionized how brands connect with younger demographics in a safe and meaningful way.

Just How BIG Are We Talking?

Kidoz powers nearly 5,000 apps worldwide, reaching over 400 MILLION kids, teens, and families monthly.

Working With Top Brands

  • Disney
  • McDonald’s
  • Hasbro
  • Lego
  • Trusted Partner of Apple & Google

In the realm of mobile AdTech, Kidoz Inc. shines in Q1-2024. Despite market challenges, Q1 2024 revenues hit USD $1.79 million and recorded revenues of $13,326,824 in 2023

Financial Performance and Efficiency Improvements

Financially, Kidoz has shown phenomenal growth, with revenues rising from $1.9 million in 2017 to $13.3 million in 2023.

In Q1-2024, Kidoz saw a 7% revenue increase to nearly $1.8 million vs. Q1-23 revenue: $1.67M and a 43% rise in gross profit due to reduced operating expenses.

Significant cost efficiency was achieved in media costs, leading to improved profitability despite Q1 being the slowest quarter of the year.

Competitive Advantages in Mobile Gaming

Kidoz capitalizes on the shift from traditional TV to digital, specifically targeting kids on mobile games.

The platform provides interactive advertising opportunities, where users engage directly with ads, unlike passive viewing on YouTube.

With changes in tech privacy and cookie usage, Kidoz cookie-less, context-based approach offers a robust alternative, making it a strong competitor in the mobile gaming ad space.

Strategic Staffing and Partnerships

Kidoz expanded its workforce and forged seven new sales partnerships globally in 2023, aiming to enhance its market reach and operational capacity.

Comments From the CEO 

“We’re proud of the revenue growth and financial improvements achieved in Q1 2024″, stated Jason Williams, Kidoz CEO.  “The digital advertising landscape continues to evolve in 2024 with a transition from the heightened activity seen during the pandemic.  However, Kidoz has adapted its strategy and been successful refining our strategies to meet the changing market dynamics,” continued Williams.

Kidoz’s stellar Q1 2024 revenue and 2023 performance confirms its leadership in child-safe mobile advertising. Watch this compelling interview with Jason Williams, Kidoz Inc CEO. 

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