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Green River Gold: A Crucial Player in the EV Revolution

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 5:02 PM on Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

As the world shifts towards sustainable energy solutions, the demand for critical minerals is on the rise. Green River Gold Corp. (CSE: CCR) (OTC Pink: CCRRF), a dynamic mining company, is strategically positioned to play a vital role in this transition. With a portfolio rich in critical minerals and precious metals, Green River Gold is poised to contribute significantly to the electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

The Rising Demand for Critical Minerals

The transition to clean energy has propelled the demand for critical minerals like nickel, cobalt, magnesium, and lithium to unprecedented levels. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), mineral demand for EVs and battery storage is expected to grow at least 30 times by 2040. This surge is driven by the need for efficient, long-lasting batteries and robust EV infrastructure. Green River Gold Corp. is well-positioned to meet this demand with its diverse range of projects.

Green River Gold’s Strategic Projects

Green River Gold’s portfolio includes the Quesnel Nickel Project, the Fontaine Gold Project, and the Kymar Silver Project, each contributing to the company’s growth and relevance in the evolving market.

Quesnel Nickel Project: A Critical Asset

The Quesnel Nickel Project is a cornerstone of Green River Gold’s strategy. This project has yielded impressive results, with the company going 50 for 50 in successful drilling. This consistency underscores the project’s potential as a significant source of nickel, magnesium, cobalt, and chromium. These minerals are essential for the production of EV batteries, making the Quesnel Nickel Project a critical asset in the clean energy transition.

Fontaine Gold and Kymar Silver Projects: Diversifying Resources

In addition to its focus on critical minerals, Green River Gold is advancing its precious metals projects. The Fontaine Gold Project spans 200 square kilometers and is located adjacent to Osisko Development Corp.’s Cariboo Gold Project. The Kymar Silver Project, covering 16 square kilometers, further diversifies the company’s resource base. These projects ensure that Green River Gold maintains a balanced approach, capitalizing on both critical and precious metals.

The Role of Placer Gold Mining

Green River Gold is also set to commence placer gold mining on its Wabi Claim on the Swift River in the upcoming months. This operation is expected to generate immediate cash flow, which will support the company’s ongoing exploration and development activities. The strategic decision to initiate placer gold mining demonstrates Green River Gold’s commitment to creating sustainable revenue streams while advancing its critical minerals and precious metals projects.

Meeting the EV Market Demand

The EV market’s rapid growth is a testament to the global shift towards sustainable energy. Green River Gold’s projects are strategically aligned with this trend. The company’s ability to produce high-demand minerals like nickel and cobalt positions it as a key supplier for EV manufacturers. The Quesnel Nickel Project’s consistent drilling success indicates a reliable supply of these critical minerals, essential for battery production.

Sustainability and Innovation

Green River Gold’s approach to mining is grounded in sustainability and innovation. The company prioritizes environmentally responsible practices, ensuring that its operations have minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystems. This commitment to sustainability not only aligns with global trends but also enhances the company’s appeal to investors who prioritize ethical and sustainable investments.

The Future of Green River Gold

Looking ahead, Green River Gold is poised for significant growth. The company’s strategic focus on both critical minerals and precious metals ensures a diversified and robust portfolio. As the demand for EVs and clean energy solutions continues to rise, Green River Gold is well-positioned to meet this demand and capitalize on new opportunities.


Green River Gold Corp. is playing a pivotal role in the EV revolution with its rich portfolio of critical minerals and precious metals projects. The company’s consistent success in drilling at the Quesnel Nickel Project, combined with its strategic advancement of the Fontaine Gold and Kymar Silver projects, underscores its potential to be a significant supplier of essential resources for the clean energy transition. As Green River Gold continues to innovate and expand, it offers a compelling opportunity for those looking to support and benefit from the shift towards sustainable energy.




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