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$TSXV Week in Review

Posted by AGORACOM at 5:52 PM on Sunday, February 26th, 2012

The $TSXV had another strong week. I was definitely looking for a correction, but that has yet to materialize – we may just rock ‘n’ roll into PDAC. I remain confident that the good issuers will prevail and the cream will rise in addition to certain hot sectors like Graphite and precious metals that will bring volume in. I am also keeping a close eye on Uranium and some interesting biotech issues.

There are a few points that I noticed this week that stood out:

  • Market Internals: Long side momentum players and the “Jitney Magic Men”(broker code 99 that takes out those key levels in the blink of an eye) are all over issues with good news and price levels to be taken out.
  • Risk Appetite: There is a sense that the worst is behind us and money is flowing into the speculative issues. There is money available to fiance projects of merit. Retail can follow this via
  • The CRB Index: The CRB index is crossing it’s 200EMA and is trending very nicely.

Here is where the $STXV stands going into Monday morning:

I’d like to see some larger trading ranges and divergence added to the MACD but I will take the levitation. I want to see that ADX continue to rise and would love to see more volume in this market.

By the way has anyone else been hearing about Zinc? Is it just me or it starting to make noise again?