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VIDEO – Marble $ $MRBLF Financial #Fintech App Uses Artificial Intelligence To Nurse Canadians Finances Back To Health $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 6:16 PM on Monday, February 15th, 2021

Almost everybody reading this knows about and even uses wearables for their physical health and wellness. From Apple Watch to FitBit, these wearables monitor everything from physical activity to heart rates and even sleep patterns to determine if you are living a healthy lifestyle and recommend how to achieve one. They monitor, analyze and recommend your best course of action. 

Marble Financial $MRBL $MRBLF does the exact same thing for your financial health and wellness. $MRBL is a Fintech company utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning to help Canadians manage and improve their financial wellness. Make no mistake about it, $MRBL isn’t a glorified credit score service. It is an ingenious platform that tells you: 

  • When to pay bills (not just the due date)
  • How much to pay (not just the minimum)
  • Which debts to prioritize
  • … and so much more

MyMarble is so good that it was selected as 1of 5 finalists for the Consumer Lending Platform of the Year Category at the Canadian Lenders Association 2020 Leaders in Lending Awards, presented by BMO. 


An incredible ROI (Return On Investment) for MyMarbl users who increase their credit score in months, leading to better interest rates on their credit cards, car loans or mortgages – resulting in HUGE savings for the rest of their lives.

Moreover, for those in SERIOUS financial health distress, use of MyMarbl for just a few months can mean the difference in even getting a loan in the first place. 

Finally, MyMarbl is even a great tool for those who have good credit but have room enough to improve and save serious money on their credit instruments.


It is a serious problem that #COVID19 has only made worse:

  • 50% Of Canadians Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • For Every $1 of income, carrying $1.71 in debt

Clearly, Canadians are in serious need of financial health and wellness. Unfortunately, the worse your financial condition, the less likely you’re going to get professional financial guidance from professionals who focus on the other 50% of the market. $MRBL couldn’t be coming along at a better time for Canadians – and soon to be for Americans with $MRBL announcing plans to be in the United States this year.


What investors will really like about the $MRBL business model is that it has 2 powerful elements:

  • Business To Consumer (B2C) – This is an obvious one given the nature of the product.  $MRBL provides consumers with a freemium model (free model with good tools; paid model $29.99/month for the full suite)
  • Business To Business (B2B) – This isn’t an obvious one but it is ingenious because financial professionals and institutions lose opportunities when a customer doesn’t have adequate credit.  Rather than losing the customer, putting them on MyMarbl helps rehabilitate a rejected customer’s credit and turns them into a full customer months later  

This overview is only the tip of the iceberg about Marble Financial, a disruptive technology company using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve the financial health and wellness of people who need it the most.

Watch this great interview with CEO Karim Nanji to learn everything you need to know about $MRBL and where it is going.


Posted by AGORACOM at 9:28 AM on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

Vancouver, B.C, Feb 02, 2021 – Marble Financial Inc. (CSE: MRBL; OTC: MRBLF; FSE:2V0) (“Marble” or the “Company”) a financial technology company that empowers Canadians’ toward a positive financial future, is pleased to announce that it has a referral agreement with Smarter Loans offering their customers Marble’s AI-driven financial wellness SAAS platform, MyMarble. 

Marble, a leading financial technology innovator, is expanding its referral program with Smarter Loans, a company that helps Canadians make smarter financial decisions through innovative products such as Marble’s AI-based software products on the MyMarble platform.

Smarter Loans is one of Canada’s largest loan and financial directories where every day, thousands of Canadians make smarter financial decisions, where they can learn about money matters and browse over 100 of Canada’s top financial companies. Exposure to Smarter Loans’ engaged customer base presents another new growth channel of opportunity for Marble to empower Canadians using its holistic personal finance fintech solution that provides precise expert curated recommendations, insights, and financial literacy. 

According to Smarter Loans’ 2020 State of Fintech Lending in Canada Study, Canadians have stayed home longer, and the adoption of fintech products has accelerated dramatically with 71% of respondents indicated that they now manage more of their finances online than 12 months ago. This data has further cemented a need for a holistic and online financial wellness platform like MyMarble to offer them the solutions they are seeking.  

“We are very pleased to be further expanding our engagement with Smarter Loans by offering the MyMarble platform to the Smarter Loans audience is fantastic for us,” says Marble Director of Marketing, Rich Elliott. “Smarter Loans are leaders in providing ethical and sustainable financial lending options for Canadians, something we also feel strongly about. This engagement further propels us in achieving our mission of connecting the underserved to the financial future they deserve.” 

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