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American Creek $ The Best is Yet To Come – The Goldstorm Maiden Resource $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 10:53 AM on Monday, March 22nd, 2021
– One of the largest gold discoveries in decades
– Open in all directions and at depth
– Exploration to increase in 2021
– Tudor is discovering gold at 1/50th the industry average*
– Cost of discovery for AMK is $0 / Ounce
– And yet…

The Best Is Yet To Come!
American Creek Resources (TSX-V: AMK) 
Tudor Gold (TSX-V: TUD)

American Creek’s JV partner and operator at Treaty Creek, Tudor Gold, just announced a 27 million ounce gold equivalent resource* for the Goldstorm zone. This brings Goldstorm into a World Class category and while a discovery of this magnitude is very rare, Tudor’s VP of Exploration Ken Konkin says he’s just getting started.  In the interview he states:

  “This is the first page of a great book…I’m very excited about what we may find this year…I’m very optimistic.”

Every American Creek shareholder (and their friends and family) should watch Ken Konkin’s interview. Ken’s discussion highlights the true blue sky potential that Treaty Creek has.  Who else in the world has ever said:
  “You give me $30M and I’ll give you 30M ounces” [of gold M&I]

In the interview Ken lays out his priorities for the 2021 Drill Program.  Priority #1 is to find the extent of the Goldstorm with big step outs then infill and convert as much of the Inferred resource into Measured and Indicated (M&I).  Priority #2 is to expand exploratory drilling on the PS2 and Eureka zones.

  “See if we can find another 15, 20, 25 million ounce deposit”

2021 at Treaty Creek is going to have more drills, more meters of drilling, convert Inferred resources to Measured & Indicated resources, expand the Goldstorm, develop the Perfect Storm zone, test the Eureka zone, and more.  After watching this interview you’ll realize why…
  The Best Is Yet To Come!

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Candente Copper $ Engages Yaku for Environmental Assessment and Protection at Canariaco Copper Deposit $ $ $FSUGY $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 8:29 AM on Thursday, March 18th, 2021
  • Engaged to conduct and continue previous baseline studies at the Cañariaco Project
  • 9B lbs copper, 2M oz gold and 54M oz silver in: Measured and Indicated Resources

Candente Copper Corp. (TSX: DNT, BVL: DNT) (“Candente Copper”, “the Company”) is pleased to announce that Yaku Consultores (“Yaku”) has been engaged to conduct and continue previous baseline studies at the Cañariaco Project located in Northern Peru. The work will be part of environmental impact studies and habitat protection for all exploration phases of permitting including drilling and also for the community and regional stakeholders.  

“We are excited to be moving the Cañariaco project forward with Yaku’s environmental work and new engineering studies underway by Ausenco. Timing couldn’t be better as Cañariaco has been identified by both Goldman Sachs and Deutche Bank as one of the top copper projects needed to supply the upcoming supply-demand shortage for copper,” says Joanne Freeze, President and CEO, Candente Copper.

Yaku is comprised of a team of highly experienced professionals focused on providing quality environmental and social consulting services. These services contribute to the sustainable development of the environment and exceed regulations.

Candente Copper has recently obtained the respective authorizations from SERFOR and PRODUCE (Peruvian authorities for National Forest and Wildlife Services and the Ministry of Production) to conduct new monitoring of Water Quality, Air Quality, Noise Levels and Biology, Wild Flora and Fauna and Hydrobiology. Yaku has begun collecting new data within the project area which will add significantly to the studies that Candente Copper has been conducting such since 2004.

Given the difficult situation for the community with the COVID-19 epidemic, the company is also collaborating with local health facilities to assist in the protection and care of citizens in the area surrounding Cañariaco. To date, the Company has assisted with PPE supplies and the operation of emergency health equipment.

About Candente Copper

Candente Copper is a mineral exploration company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties. The Company is currently focused on its 100% owned Cañariaco project, which includes the Feasibility stage Cañariaco Norte deposit as well as the Cañariaco Sur deposit and Quebrada Verde prospect, located within the western Cordillera of the Peruvian Andes in the Department of Lambayeque in Northern Peru.  

Please see for details from previous resource and engineering studies which delineated 9B lbs copper, 2M oz gold and 54M oz silver in: Measured and Indicated Resources of 752.4 million tonnes grading 0.45% copper, 0.07 grams per tonne (“g/t”) gold and 1.9 g/t silver (0.52% Cu equivalent) containing 7.533 B lb Cu, 1.67 M oz Au and 45.24 M oz Ag and Inferred Resources of 157.7 million tonnes grading 0.44% copper, 0.06 g/t gold and 1.8 g/t silver containing 1.434 B lb Cu, 0.3M oz Au and 8.932 M oz Ag.

VIDEO – Candente Copper $ Thriving As $4 Copper Fuels Commodities Bull $ $ $FSUGY $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:27 PM on Friday, March 12th, 2021

TSX listed Candente Copper owns Canariaco Norte, a large, economic copper deposit in Peru that just took a step closer to a becoming a mine.

Cañariaco is a 100% owned feasibility-stage porphyry copper deposit containing 7.5B pounds Measured and Indicated and can be mined for 22 years once in production. Oh, and Canariaco Norte is in the lowest quartile of production costs for projects waiting to be developed at around 0.98c per pound of copper.

If that doesnt have your attention, Goldman Sachs has it ranked as one of the top 80 projects waiting to be developed worldwide. This is a deposit itching to become a mine and Candente is very close to achieving this remarkable feat.

With the price of copper firmly above $4 dollars, the economics supporting Canariaco going into production only gets stronger.and initiates unlocking the ultimate potential of the Canariaco Norte deposit.

Watch this great interview with Candente CEO Joanne Freeze as she explains the move toward production and its significance to the copper markets.

American Creek $ 27.3M Oz Gold Equivalent Discovery in BC’s Golden Triangle.. And They’re Just Scratching The Surface $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 12:57 PM on Thursday, March 11th, 2021
American Creek Provides Update on Its First Quarter Filings

B.C.’s prolific Golden Triangle is often referred to as “Elephant Country” given the intensity of mineral showings and deposits located there and because of the sheer scale of many of those deposits in this politically mining friendly jurisdiction.  In this case a combination of the two may have been discovered as Treaty Creek has potential for multiple district-scale deposits on the same property.

The first mineralized zone at Treaty Creek to have a maiden resource is the Goldstorm.  As explained in the March 9th press release it contains 19.4 million ounces at 0.74 g/t gold equivalent Measured and Indicated and 7.9 million ounces at 0.79 g/t gold equivalent Inferred.  This makes it one of the largest gold deposits discovered in the last decade.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is f9c064c7-7fd4-4520-8d95-420a2c58cb76.png

The Treaty Creek Project is a Joint Venture with Tudor Gold owning 60% (3/5th) and acting as operator. American Creek has a 20% (1/5th) interest in the project creating a 3:1 ownership relationship between Tudor Gold and American Creek.  American Creek is fully carried until such time as a Production Notice is issued, at which time they are required to contribute their respective 20% share of development costs. Until such time, Tudor is required to fund all exploration and development costs while American Creek has a “free ride”.

A critical factor of metal deposits isn’t just the size, but it’s shape, consistency, and depth.  Fortunately, the richest mineralization at Goldstorm is located in the close to surface “300 Zone.” The deposit is contiguous and is remarkably consistent as well.  These factors create the potential for Goldstorm to be an open pit operation which is the least expensive route for both capital expenditures and operational expenditures, with the advantage of being able to mine the highest grade first.

FIGURE 1 (View looking NNE): Image of the 3D Constraining Pit Shell showing the 300 Horizon (Purple), CS-600 Zone (Red) DS-5 Zone (Orange) and Copper Belle (Blue).
The maiden or initial resource calculation is exactly that: initial.  The Goldstorm Zone remarkably remains open in all directions and at depth.  As Tudor Gold’s VP of Exploration, Ken Konkin has stated: “This is just the first chapter of a very good book”.  The edges or boundaries of the deposit are currently unknown with geophysical signatures indicating potential for significant expansion. Konkin, who was a key player in the development of the Brucejack Mine (Pretium Resources) just a few kilometers south of Treaty Creek, is an expert in both large-scale systems and geology in the Golden Triangle.  He has often spoken of the importance of the “frequency for occurrence”, “frequency of distribution”, and “structural traps” characteristic of world class hydrothermal systems that create a predictable “rhythm”.
He’s stated that the Sulphurets Hydrothermal System, which includes Pretium (Brucejack mine), Seabridge (KSM deposits), and Treaty Creek, is a perfect example of this rhythm and refers to its many deposits as a “string of pearls……just really big pearls!”  The potentially massive deposits on Treaty, including the Goldstorm and the Perfect Storm Zone, are located exactly where they should be within this system.  Seabridge’s KSM deposits (Kerr, Sulphurets, Mitchell, Iron Cap) comprise the largest undeveloped gold deposit(s) in the world containing P&P reserves of 38 million ounces gold and 10.2 billion pounds of copper.  Each deposit is approximately 2.5 – 3km apart and this “rhythm” continues northward through Treaty Creek with the Perfect Storm, the Goldstorm, and potential Goldstorm 2 zones. The yet to be drilled Perfect Storm zone has the same type of structural, geological, and geophysical characteristics as the other major deposits in the “string of pearls”.  Along with expanding the Goldstorm, drilling the Perfect Storm will be one of the focuses for Tudor in 2021. On July 24, 2020 billionaire metals investor Eric Sprott stated (referring to the Goldstorm):
It certainly looks like they have 20 million ounces and they could easily get to 30 or 40 or 50 million ounces (of gold)
It looks like Eric’s prediction is remarkably accurate so far.  With expansion of the Goldstorm and planned upcoming drilling of both the Perfect Storm and Eureka, the Treaty Creek project is primed to have a break-out year in the gold space. Treaty Creek is just 20km down a valley to a paved highway and high-transmission power lines with some of the cheapest power in the world. This is critical as power accounts for approximately 25% of mining costs.  From there it’s only a 90-minute drive to bulk tonnage shipping ports in Stewart, BC.  The project has excellent gold recoveries, water, a mining friendly government, and supportive First Nations in the area. What grade does it take to make a mine?  That depends on a lot of factors, but critical ones include cheap power, proximity to roads and shipping ports, good recoveries, ample water, and close-to-surface deposits that can be open pit mined.  Fortunately, Treaty Creek appears to have these characteristics.  The in situ (in ground) grade is often lower than the head grade as initial beneficiation can concentrate the ore prior to processing.  Canada’s newest gold mine, the Eagle mine (Victoria Gold) located in northern Yukon, produces with 0.65 g/t AuEq grade.  Fort Knox (Kinross Gold) in Alaska produces at 0.4 g/t AuEq.  Many mines in northern BC owned by companies like Centerra gold and Imperial Metals operate mines averaging well under 1g/t AuEq. Tudor Gold appears to be doing an exceptional job at adding shareholder value when considering how much gold has already been proven up given the exploration expenditures to date.  Since their inception in 2016 it looks like they’ve raised close to $40M and they’ve discovered over 27 million ounces of gold!  That’s less than $1.5/Oz gold CAD.  Simply Amazing.  That number would go down when we only consider exploration dollars at Treaty Creek. Because of the fully carried nature of American Creek’s 20% interest, it actually costs American Creek $0 / ounce regardless of how many ounces are potentially discovered.  The American Creek shareholders are in the enviable position of seeing their stock value rise as Treaty Creek continues to be explored and developed without experiencing further dilution associated with that development.  Currently American Creek shares are undervalued when considering the present market valuation of the Treaty Creek project. The global gold market and gold miners have a dilemma. Gold ounces in the ground are being mined faster than new ounces are being replenished, especially when it comes to new discoveries and large discoveries.  Gold production is declining, and the mine life of new projects is getting shorter with smaller deposits being developed.  This is increasing demand for the best projects and in particular, large projects, at a time when gold producers are making more money than at any time in their history.

Pierre Lassonde, the Canadian billionaire who is the past president of Newmont Goldcorp, has sat on the World Gold Council, and is Chair Emeritus of Franco Nevada ($23 billion) summed up the opportunity applicable to the Treaty Creek project quite nicely in two recent interviews.  Back in the fall of 2020 he stated:

“Obviously, we’re going to see M&A in the space, and I think the way were going to see it is going to sort of be like three tiers.  That is, if you have a project that has 1 to 3-million-ounce reserve capability, you’ll get offers at par.  If you have 3 to 5-million-ounce of reserve capability, you’ll get a premium.  Any project that is from 5 to 10 to 15-million-ounces, there will be bidding wars for those.”

On March 8th, 2021 Mr Lassonde was asked:

“If you were to think like an investor now, what would you do to convince some of these smaller companies to enhance shareholder value?  What could the junior mining industry as a whole do right now that could be more attractive for investors at this time?”

His response:

“You know, the fundamental thing about junior mining is at the end of the day 90% of the value in our business is created by the drill bit.  So, you’ve got to look at your finding costs per ounce, and if these companies are not able to find gold for like $20, $30, $40 an ounce (they) should not be in this business.  What I look at as an investor, the bottom line is what’s your cost of finding an ounce of gold?  That’s your common denominator.  That’s where you find the value for shareholders.”

Gold is being discovered at Treaty Creek for less than $1.50 CAD ($1.18 USD) / Oz opposed to $20-$40/Oz, and they’ve only begun scratching the surface from a geological point of view.  American Creek shareholders are enjoying a $0/Oz rate.  As Mr. Lassonde stated, “(this) is where you find the value for shareholders”.  This truly is Elephant country and as Mr. Konkin put it “This is just the first chapter of a very good book”.  Based on the first chapter, this appears to be a book well worth reading.

Copyright © 2021 American Creek, All rights reserved.

Durango $ $ATOXF Discovers Native Silver in Drill Core at Windfall Lake $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 8:08 AM on Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Durango Resources Inc. (TSXV:DGO) (Frankfurt:86A1) (OTC:ATOXF), (the “Company” or “Durango”) reports that recent drilling on its wholly owned Trove Property at Windfall Lake, Québec has intersected visible (“native”) silver in its latest drill hole.

The drill hole was completed on the northern portion of the Trove Property and was targeted to test a magnetic and Induced Polarization (“IP”) anomaly in the area. The hole was drilled sub-perpendicular to the Rouleau fault which continues onward to the Gladiator deposit of neighbouring Bonterra Resources Inc. (TSX-BTR) and is where the Windfall Lake structure converges.

Trove Property drill hole location outline

“Native silver” is composed of atoms from a single element of Ag (silver). Silver is usually associated with gold, copper and sulphides. Native silver is usually found in hydrothermal systems developed around felsic to intermediate magma. The presence of native silver is an indicator of a last phase of hydrothermal solution precipitation after K-feldspar, pyrite and gold. Native silver is generally found bordering important magmatic-hydrothermal systems.   

Durango’s latest diamond drill hole intersected 9 meters of orogenic styles of mineralization in a shear zone which contained native silver identified at multiple depths including 285 and 288 meters below surface. Overall observations of the drill core included multiple shear and breccia zones, silica-sericite-carbonate-tourmaline-epidote alteration, mineralized quartz veins, and mineralized felsic dikes in contact with volcanic units.

General mineralization consisted of disseminated pyrite and stringers, sphalerite and pyrrhotite associated with shear and alteration zones. The presence of visible silver is an indication that the current drilling is near of a hydrothermal system. Durango plans to continue drilling down dip to test the system.

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XPhyto Therapeutics Partner $ $XPHYF Receives ISO Certification for 25-Minute COVID-19 RT-PCR Test $ $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 10:10 AM on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is XPHYTO-70-x-70.jpg
  • Launching of Covid-ID Lab, A Rapid, Accurate & Robust COVID-19 Test System
  • Licensing & Distribution Partnerships Coming

XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. (CSE:XPHY / OTCQB:XPHYF / FSE:4XT) (“XPhyto” or the “Company”), and its exclusive German diagnostics development partner, 3a-diagnostics GmbH (“3a”), are pleased to announce successful EN ISO 13485 certification for the rapid point-of-care, SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Test System (“Covid-ID Lab”). This standardization and quality assurance certification provides authorization for distribution of Covid-ID Lab upon receipt of CE mark (CE-IVD) approval. The Company expects CE-IVD approval as an in vitro diagnostic product in March 2021.

EN ISO 13485 is the internationally recognized European standard for quality control and management systems in the design and manufacture of medical devices. It is accepted as the basis for CE certification of medical devices under relevant European directives and regulations.

“We are pleased to remain on schedule with the launch of Covid-ID Lab and will continue to move forward as efficiently as ever,” said Hugh Rogers, CEO and director of XPhyto. “At the same time, our experienced launch team is working hard to bring Covid-ID Lab to market and to establish German and international licensing and distribution partnerships.”

Covid-ID Lab was designed to be a rapid, accurate and robust COVID-19 test system with reduced operating costs and increased convenience and portability. As previously announced on February 24, 2021, the company placed its first production order from 3a for 9,600 individual tests. Delivery of this first order is expected by mid-March 2021 and is primarily intended to provide potential German and international distributors and licensees and their respective government regulators with test samples for review and evaluation. Initial commercial manufacturing is planned for Germany, with additional capacity in other jurisdictions expected to follow. The sales launch in Europe is targeted for April 2021. XPhyto is currently in discussions with potential distribution and wholesale partners in Europe and the Middle East.

XPhyto and 3a are also developing a portfolio of oral biosensor screening tests for detection of bacterial and viral infectious diseases, including influenza A, group A strep, stomatitis, periimplantitis, and periodontitis. Additional pandemic-focused biosensors are in development, specifically for H1N1 (swine flu), and H5N1 (avian flu). The Company is planning the commercial launch of its first biosensor product in the second half of 2021.

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Tajiri Resources $ Hits High Grade 2m @ 62.4 g/t Au at Epeius, Guyana, South America $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 10:03 AM on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021
  • High-Grade Intersection of 2m @ 62.4 g/t

Tajiri Resources Corp. (the “Company“) (TSXV: TAJ) is pleased to announce excellent results from continuing trench sampling at the Epeius Project Guyana, South America where trenching is investigating the on-strike potential of ASX listed Troy Resource’s Limited’s Goldstar Prospect located on the southern boundary of the Project (Figure 1). 

The high-grade intersection of 2m @ 62.4 g/t Au was discovered after extending Trench 001 which as previously announced (Jan 07, 2021) had intersected 1m @ 16.2 g/t Au in its last metre.  The 2m @ 62.4 g/t is located 10m across strike from the 1m @ 16.2 g/t and between 4 & 6 metres from the eastern end of Trench 001.   Thus over an 11m interval the Company has delineated 3m of high-grade gold mineralization averaging 47 g/t Au.   The trench is almost orthogonal to the strike of mineralization and thus reported widths are ~ 90% of true.

The two high grade intersections are located on a sub-parallel structure to and approximately 1,000m north of Goldstar (Figure 2).  The 2m @ 62.4 g/t Au is situated on a major contact, which can be traced for over 15km, between mafic volcanic rocks and fine grained, variably graphitic, turbiditic sediments.   This mineralization is completely open down dip and along strike to the northwest and strike extensions are currently being trenched.  Immediately to the southwest the contact has been tested by 4 trenches over a strike length of 400m and has been demonstrated to host persistent but low-grade gold mineralization- peak value 2m @ 0.9 g/t.  Furthermore at between 4 and 8 kilometres southeast within the Company’s wholly owned Kaburi project the same contact is associated with significant drill intersections (e.g. 22m @ 2.7g/t Au) and soil geochemical anomalism of between 100- 3,450ppb Au.      

Significantly, the high-grade intersection reported today is associated with a pronounced mapped strike flexure in the sediment-volcanic contact from N-S to NW (Figure 2) related to a NW striking, 5-20m wide zone of shearing mapped in trenches proximal to the contact in this area.  In addition, the observed dip of the contact steepens from 60˚ to 85˚ over a distance of 30m between TR001 & TR004A and the contact exhibits a minor flexure which juxtaposes the shear zone and sediment-volcanic contact in Trench 001.  As such the proximity of the contact to a substantial shear zone and the change in “architecture” of the contact into what appears to be the preferred strike orientation of gold deposits in the district (e.g. Smarts, Hicks) can be viewed as favorable for extending this high grade zone.    

Read More: http://Tajiri Hits High Grade 2m @ 62.4 g/t Au at Epeius, Guyana, South America

American Creek $ JV Partner Tudor Gold Initial Mineral Resource Estimate at Treaty Creek; 19.4 Million Ounces of 0.74 gpt AuEq Measured and Indicated $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 2:43 PM on Tuesday, March 9th, 2021
American Creek Provides Update on Its First Quarter Filings

American Creek Resources Ltd. (TSXV: AMK) (“the Company”) is pleased to present results of the Initial Mineral Resource Estimate for the Goldstorm and Copper Belle Zones at their flagship property, Treaty Creek. The Property is located within the heart of the Golden Triangle of Northwestern British Columbia which is on-trend from Seabridge’s KSM Project located five kilometres southwest of the Goldstorm Zone. A total of 218 drill holes totaling 105,658.8 metres were used in the Mineral Resource Estimate completed by P&E Mining Consultants Inc. (P&E). The constraining open-pit shell contains 14.15 million ounces of Measured and Indicated gold equivalent ounces (“AuEq”) at an average grade of 0.72 gpt AuEq and 5.26 million Measured and Indicated AuEq ounces at an average grade of 0.80 gpt AuEq for the out-of-pit Mineral Resources. Cut-off grades of 0.30 gpt AuEq were used inside the constraining open-pit shell and a higher cut-off grade of 0.46 gpt AuEq was used for the out-of-pit Mineral Resource Estimate which includes underground constrained blocks. The Goldstorm Zone remains open in all directions and at depth. The effective date of the Mineral Resource Estimate is March 1, 2021. A Technical Report prepared in accordance with National Instrument 43-101, Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects, will follow within 45 days of this news release and this will be posted on SEDAR and the Company’s website.

Tudor Gold’s Vice President of Exploration and Project Development, Ken Konkin, P.Geo., stated: “We are very pleased with the results obtained from our Initial Mineral Resource Estimate. Only 10-12 % of the gold equivalent values are attributed to silver and copper mineralization indicating a strong gold-dominate system. However, due to the immense volume of the system, it contains large quantities of silver and copper. Further studies are required to investigate the potential economic impact of these two metals. Our preliminary metallurgical test work shows excellent gold recoveries to a gravity + flotation concentrate. From four composite tests, gold recoveries averaged 96.2% in pyrite concentrates with overall gold recoveries after concentrate extraction expected to be on the order of 88%. The mineralogical studies also demonstrated that no deleterious elements such as As, Sb or Hg were detected within the Goldstorm and Copper Belle Zones. The four tests were carried out by BV Minerals Metallurgical Division and supervised by metallurgical consultant Frank Wright, P.Eng.

Our plans for 2021 are to complete the drilling of the Goldstorm Zone; to define the limits of the 300 Horizon, the CS-600 and DS-5 Zones. In-addition, diamond drilling is planned for the Eureka and Perfect Storm Zones. We believe that the Treaty Creek Property contains excellent potential for continued discovery of gold-silver-copper systems such as Goldstorm.”

Mineral Estimate Highlights include:

  • The classifications of Measured, Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resources for gold, silver, copper and gold-equivalents and their respective tonnage are listed in Table 1 below. In addition to the 17.33 million ounces of gold Measured and Indicated Mineral Resource and 7.22 million ounces of gold Inferred Mineral Resource, there are 93.41 million ounces of silver estimated as Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources with an additional 40.57 million ounces of Inferred silver Mineral Resource. The Measured and Indicated Mineral Resource also estimates 1.096 billion pounds of copper with an additional 330 million pounds of copper as an Inferred Mineral Resource.
  • A bulk density of 2.80 t/m3 was based on measurements taken by P&E during their field visits.
  • 5m x 5m x 5m three-dimensional block model was used for the Mineral Resource Estimate. Measured Mineral Resources are informed by four of more drill holes within 100 metres; Indicated Mineral Resources are informed by four of more drill holes within 200 metres.

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American Creek: $AMK $STNG Stinger Resources Inc. To Commence Trading On Friday March 5th, 2021 $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 8:47 AM on Thursday, March 4th, 2021
American Creek Provides Update on Its First Quarter Filings

Stinger Resources Inc. (TSX-V: STNG) (the “Company” or “Stinger”) is pleased to announce that it has now received final approval from the TSX Venture Exchange and its common shares will commence trading on Friday, March 5, 2021, under the symbol “STNG”. 
Darren Blaney, Chief Executive Officer of Stinger stated the following: “We are very pleased to have successfully completed this Spinout transaction. We again thank all of the American Creek shareholders for their confidence and support over the years and we look forward to that support continuing to be rewarded as we anticipate the future success of American Creek as well as newly launched Stinger.”
About Stinger Resources Inc.:
Stinger holds interests in gold and silver properties in British Columbia, including the 100% owned past producing Dunwell Mine which is located near Stewart in the prolific “Golden Triangle”.
The Company also holds the D1 McBride project, also located in the “Golden Triangle”.
In addition, Stinger owns the Gold Hill project located near Fort Steele, as well as optioned interests in the Ample Goldmax, Silver Side and Glitter King properties, all of which are located in other prospective areas of the Province of British Columbia.

Durango $ $ATOXF Encounters Shallow Silver Mineralization from Prospecting Drilling on Trove Property $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 8:47 AM on Friday, February 26th, 2021

Durango Resources Inc. (TSXV:DGO) (Frankfurt-86A1) (OTC:ATOXF), (the “Company” or “Durango”) is pleased to report that recent drill results on its wholly owned Trove Property at Windfall Lake, Québec shows shallow silver mineralization on the Trove Property.

Since last fall, 3,735m have been drilled on the Trove Property, with an average depth of 287m. Initial results from our prospecting drill program, which ran from October – December 2020, confirmed shallow mineralization in silver and zinc. This mineralization is typical of the Windfall Lake area. In mid-January 2021, Durango’s exploration team arrived back on site as the cold weather allowed them full access to the high priority drill targets. Since the start of this year’s drill program, Durango has drilled approximately 1,600m on its high priority targets on the Trove Property.

Some highlights of the orientation drilling from the fall program on the Trove Property include:

  • – Shallow silver intersection of up to 15.68 g/t Ag over one meter in drill hole DGT20-3 which was completed in the northeast of the Trove Property; – Shallow zinc intersection of up to 1.5% Zn over one meter in drill hole DGT20-3 which was completed on the northeast portion of the Trove Property; – Shallow silver intersection of up to 4.82 g/t Ag over one meter in drill hole DGT20-4 which was completed on the northeast portion of the Trove Property; and – Shallow silver intersection of up to 5.18 g/t Ag over one meter in drill hole DGT20-5.

Drill hole DGT20-3 was completed on the northeast portion of the Trove Property, assaying shallow intersections of up to 15.68 g/t Ag, 1.5% Zn with mineralization over 9 meters. Drill hole DGT20-4 also assayed up to 4.8 g/t Ag along the Barry fault.

 |Hole   |Highlight|From   |To     |Length |Silver|Zinc|
 |Numbers|         |(Meter)|(Meter)|(Meter)|(g/t) |(%) |
 |DGT20-3|         |23     |32     |9      |3.3   |0.48|
 |       |Including|24     |25     |1      |5.29  |0.81|
 |       |Including|29     |30     |1      |9.22  |1.5 |
 |       |Including|30     |31     |1      |4.26  |0.57|
 |       |         |       |       |       |      |    |
 |DGT20-3|         |51     |52     |1      |15.68 |    |
 |       |         |       |       |       |      |    |
 |DGT20-4|         |16     |17     |1      |4.82  |    |
 |       |         |19     |20     |1      |1.38  |    |
 |       |         |25     |26     |1      |1.58  |    |

Drill hole DGT 20-5 is located along the Rouleau fault in the northern region of the Trove Property and hosted a shallow intersection of up to 5.18g/t Ag and 0.78% Zn with mineralization over 9 meters confirming the high potential of the long strike of mineralization at depth along the Rouleau fault.

 |Hole   |Highlight|From   |To     |Length |Silver|Zinc|
 |Number |         |(Meter)|(Meter)|(Meter)|(g/t) |(%) |
 |DGT20-5|         |21     |22     |1      |2.4   |0.23|
 |       |         |36     |38     |2      |1.7   |0.19|
 |       |         |62     |71     |9      |1.73  |0.16|
 |       |Including|63     |64     |1      |5.18  |0.78|
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