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FEATURE: Everlert $ to underwrite and develop the Intellectual Property Rights of unpublished Elvis Presley and Tupac tracks

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:26 AM on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

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Everlert to merge with JH Media Group, created and developed by the late Jerry Heller

  • In collaboration with legendary music producer Denny Diante and the renowned Jennifer Harper
  • Enables Everlert to underwrite and develop the Intellectual Property Rights included in the merger
  • IP Includes unpublished Elvis Presley and Tupac tracks

“Everlert anticipates increased value based upon our merger with JH MEDIA Group and the ongoing efforts of its talented and accomplished CEO Jennifer Harper, who was recently appointed as the new President of Everlert along with the legendary Denny Diante, who was also appointed to the Board,” said Blankenship.

Jerry Heller’s Company Merges With Everlert, Inc. to Create Private Equity Fund for Entertainment Ventures $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:39 PM on Monday, April 24th, 2017

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  • Everlert to merge with JH Media Group, created and developed by the late Jerry Heller
  • In collaboration with legendary music producer Denny Diante and the renowned Jennifer Harper
  • Enables Everlert to underwrite and develop the Intellectual Property Rights included in the merger
  • Includes unpublished Elvis Presley and Tupac tracks

LOS ANGELES, April 24, 2017 — Everlert, Inc. (the “Company”) (OTC:EVLI) today announced that JH Media Group, created and developed by the late Jerry Heller in collaboration with legendary music producer Denny Diante and the renowned Jennifer Harper, has merged with Everlert, Inc., a publicly traded Company, according to Everlert’s CEO, Mark Blankenship.

The merger enables Everlert, Inc. to place the necessary funding in a private equity fund to underwrite and develop the Intellectual Property Rights included in the merger, which include unpublished Elvis Presley and Tupac tracks, according to Mark Blankenship. The private equity fund that will be used to effectuate the merger is Everlert Entertainment Equity Partners, LLC.

Everlert anticipates increased value based upon our merger with JH MEDIA Group and the ongoing efforts of its talented and accomplished CEO Jennifer Harper, who was recently appointed as the new President of Everlert along with the legendary Denny Diante, who was also appointed to the Board,” said Blankenship.

Jennifer Harper created and founded JH Media Group in collaboration with the late Jerry Heller and Denny Diante in 2015 and created a music conglomerate that owns and controls intellectual property rights that have generated substantial revenue for several decades.

“We believe that the tremendous value of the music rights created by Jerry Heller and Denny Diante has the potential of generating significant revenue for Everlert, as well as increasing the value of Everlert exponentially,” said Harper.

Jennifer Harper is a seasoned executive with experience in the fast-paced and ever evolving entertainment industry. She is considered among colleagues as one of the industry’s unique visionaries, specializing in her innovative and strategic thinking. Jennifer attained early success in her profession by her results- oriented attitude and created an elite team of colleagues in the entertainment industry along with her partner, Jerry Heller.

She worked with many major labels and studios within the entertainment industry. Harper has been influential in the music industry for several years and has been involved in multiple entertainment endeavors and has had many songs written and dedicated to her by major artists, such as Joe Elliot (Def Leppard), Peppy Castro (The Blues Magoos, Richie Havens, Jimmy Hendrix), Gregg Sutton (Bob Dylan, Mick Jones, Percy Sledge, Bob Dylan), Artie Kornfeld (Founder of Woodstock), Kokane a.k.a. Jerry B. Long Jr., son of the Legendary Motown writer, Jerry B. Long Sr. (Grammy award winning artist) and a few others.

Jennifer has also had the fortunate opportunity to be mentored and be a partner in JH Media group as the CEO along with the late music industry legend, Jerry Heller. During their many years together, both professionally and personally, Jennifer became Jerry Heller’s business advisor as well as colleague in multiple business endeavors. She is also the COO of a very innovative and progressive project soon to be launched (StreamerZz) founded by the entertainment industry legend Nyhl Henson. Jennifer is also the CEO of Gryphon Media along with partners Kevin Harrington and Everlert’s CEO, Mark Blankenship. She is managing/co-managing and has managed/co-managed multiple acts. Artists including Yung Eazy, the son of the famous rapper Eazy E from N.W.A., Creep-Dogg family to Snoop Dogg and part of the original Dogg Pound Gang alongside Young Nate Dogg. She is also multi-faceted in the genres of music she manages and brands. She had the honor of managing and representing the all-female UK rock band JOANovARC, who are signed to Holier than Thou Records. They currently are in the top ten in Asia, with their song “Say Sayonara,” and are the ONLY all-female rock band to have four songs on the Microsoft Xbox 360 Game Rock Band. They are also sponsored by Gibson Guitars and Harley Davidson and produced by the legendary Stuart Epps who also produces Elton John, Led Zeppelin and Oasis, to name a few. Jennifer recently finalized negotiations to sign a major recording and publishing deal for one of her artists with Warner Music and Chappell Publishing. Jennifer is an Exclusive and Executive Producer and Rights, Publishing & Licensing holder to over 60 songs including unheard and unreleased songs from DPG and pre-Death Row era to other multiple genre of artists such as Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and George Clinton.

Jennifer started a non-profit organization very successfully around the world known as: We Are One MCI (Music Collaborative Initiative). This non-profit organization utilized the platform of music, legendary artists and local artists in each community worldwide to donate their experiences through live venues and concerts, to raise money for poverty, homelessness and hunger.

She was also asked in 2014 by the Nobel family, Claes Nobel, from the Nobel Peace Prize name, and co-founder Doug Ivanovich to partner with the organization World Peace One. They are responsible for the Live Aid and Farm Aid and We Are the World concerts. She declined since she had the honor of being asked to become the Agent/Manager, Partner and Colleague to the Legendary Artie Kornfeld, The Father of Woodstock. Jennifer accepted Artie’s offer and together they have been working to preserve and honor the original event which took place 50 years ago by working on the 50th anniversary for 2019 titled “The Spirit of Woodstock-Back to The Garden.”

Jennifer has recently been asked by the former business partner of the legendary Dick Clark, Antonio Gellini, to be the Chairwoman to two major awards shows, The Family Film Awards and The Olympia Awards.

Harper is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with degrees in multiple sciences. She has recently acquired several financial certifications. She is a Member of ASCAP/BMI and TONO, WISE (Women in Sports and Events) National Organization, Woman’s Sports Federation (WSF) and the National Organization for Women (NOW) and a member of the non-profit bi-partisan organization: Common Cause.

Jennifer Harper is endorsed by the following iconic leaders in the entertainment industry who attest to Jennifer’s skills and insights, as follows:

Jerry Heller:

“I have known Jennifer Harper both professionally and personally for many years. She is a completely impressive complex genius. With her tenacity and drive and an unparalleled work ethic. I have watched her resolve almost every aspect of very complex business situations. She is a friend, colleague and a partner. Loyal with a natural confidence to take on any challenge in not just this industry, but in life. Very few can find these qualities. I absolutely believe she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. I am very proud of her,” said Jerry Heller.

The Late Jerry Heller was inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2015 after a career of managing and finding great acts such as Elton John, Pink Floyd, Journey, Marvin Gaye, Van Morrison, Crosby Stills & Nash, Ike & Tina Turner, Credence Clearwater Revival, Otis Redding, The Who, REO Speedwagon, Black Sabbath, Styx, The Black Eyed Peas, The World Class Wreckin’ Cru, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, and N.W.A. Jerry Heller was a Partner in JH Media Group.

Denny Diante:

“I have known Jennifer Harper for several years. I met her through our mutual friend Jerry Heller. Jerry and Jennifer were in the process of putting an entertainment company together. They asked if I would like to be part of it and I agreed to help pursue that goal. My opinion of Jennifer is, right from the onset, that she was very bright, well-educated and her intentions were honorable. She had great energy and was very quick to grasp all business opportunities such as funding and most certainly understands the legal aspects of most any contractual negotiation. Very good business judgement as well. She has a big heart and is very loyal to all her friends and colleagues,” said Denny Diante.

Denny Diante is a legendary Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Composer who was named one of Billboard Magazine’s “100 Most Successful Producers in History”. He has created and produced B. B. King, Elton John, Jerry Lee Lewis, Merle Haggard, The Oak Ridge Boys, Glenn Frey, Paul Anna, Ike & Tina Turner, Maxine Nightingale, Grateful Dead, Bob Weir -Kingfish, John Denver, Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, Jonnie Mathis, Bill Withers, Deniece Williams, Julio Iglesias, Boston, Bobby Brown, and Sheena Easton.

Lee Abrams:

“Few possess the passion, energy and moxie of Ms. Harper…a formidable combination,” said Lee Abrams. Lee Abrams is the Co-Founder XM Satellite Radio, manager of Yes, The Moody Blues, Steve Winwood, Iron Maiden, Bob Seger and Lee Eric Johnson. In 1993, Newsweek named Lee Abrams as one their “100 cultural elite.”

Nyhl L. Henson:

“Jennifer Harper has the capacity and willingness to organize and manage, and is a formidable female entrepreneur. She is clever in business, can easily adapt to challenges and create and implement effective solutions. She has the unique ability to comprehend complex situations quickly, assess the path to solutions, and get results immediately. As President, her astute creative abilities will serve Everlert and its shareholders well, as it embarks on an expanding slate of entertainment ventures,” said Nyhl L. Henson. Nyhl L. Henson serves on the Board of Directors of Skyboxe and is co-founder of StreamerZzâ„¢, a digital content and marketing company. He was the first General Manager of Nickelodeon and helped develop MTV and CMT.

Kevin Harrington:

“Jennifer Harper can create and juggle so many ideas all at once. I support wholeheartedly all her endeavors and I am excited to build business and create a strong team under her leadership. I am excited about the future. We make great partners,” said Kevin Harrington, the Founder of “As Seen On TV.” He is one of the original panel members and investors (“Sharks”) on the ABC TV series Shark Tank.

Artie Kornfeld:

“Regarding Jennifer, I find that Jennifer’s enthusiasm and sharpness have been helpful to my career. She is to me a confidante. I trust and value our close communication,” said Artie Kornfeld. He is the founder, promoter and known as “The Father of Woodstock.” Artie is the First Vice President of Rock at Capitol Records and the Vice President of three other major labels. He wrote over 75 Billboard charted songs, over 150 albums and 40 Gold albums.


“Jennifer Harper is one of the smartest people I have ever met.  She is a genius,” said Ice-T, Multi-Platinum Rapper and Producer.

Jay Harris:

“In my years knowing Jennifer Harper, I’ve found her to be professional, hardworking, meticulous, and passionate. She fearlessly meets challenges head on, and doesn’t stop until the job is done. She’s the real deal,” said Jay Harris (ESPN Anchor).

James and Nick Cannon:

“Jennifer Harper has been a force in the music industry. Jennifer and Jerry Heller have produced with every major talent in the business. Jennifer has spent her life mastering the craft, making music projects work. Jennifer has had a ringside seat where her business mind brought her into contemporary popular music history and the wonder of the music and movie world. Jennifer has the inside knowledge of the way music is sold and marketed today and in the future which will lead in illuminating the creative thought processes of some of the biggest and most influential young talent the industry or world has yet to see. So, in this world where the big eat the small, Jennifer is aware and has plans for a digital transformation. Recognizing this is the powerful pivot forward that the Nick Cannon Foundation needs. Together we believe that in this fast-digital world, there will always be the potential disruptors ready to jump out. She is one of the rare. Jennifer being a powerful and sexy executive, that knows her business and music works best, and how to be first and progressive is a win, win, win for us,” said James and Nick Cannon (actor, rapper, and host of the fourth season of America’s Got Talent).

Karen Hobert Flynn:  

“For the past three decades, I have known Jennifer Harper as a brilliant and compassionate mother and close friend.  Jennifer has a focused and well-rounded approach to business and life that has nourished and sustained me spiritually.  I truly value every moment and conversation that we share,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, President of Common Cause.

Stephen Craig-Aristei:

“Looks are often deceiving — especially where the worlds of business and entertainment collide. First, Jennifer Harper is a professional. She is possibly one of the most dedicated, focused and determined people I have ever worked with. She is imaginatively creative and thinks both — “inside” and “outside” of the box. She considers all aspects of a project/problem/challenge, in the “immediate” as well as “globally.” She able to get the best out of those she leads because she demands it from herself. She has been able to affect the culture and attitude of everything she does, in a positive way, most often in a very short time. Jennifer has an attitude of excellence and it rubs off on everyone she encounters. I cannot recommend the talents of Jennifer Harper more, other than saying to miss out working with her on any project is a lost opportunity in life,” said Stephen-Craig Aristei, past General Manager of Warner Bros. Music, the second largest music publishing company in the world, and was with the company for over 10 years.

Marcus Hause:

“Jennifer Harper has the capacity & willingness to develop, organize & manage as an entrepreneur. Jennifer is clever in business, Einstein-like and adapts a flair and has a knack for creativity unparalleled on 3 coasts,” said Marcus Hause (C.E.O. of Rockwindow Television Network Inc. and the Producer of Tayrona Entertainment Group as well as the Founder and owner of Beach View Properties, LLC).

Gregg Sutton:

“If I were going to trust my songs and recordings which are all the family I have – I would want Jennifer Harper to do that job. I know her reliability, dedication, knowledge and ability to maintain and preserve Rock and Roll. Not just now but also in the long run. She will and can do so much in many areas of this industry. She is committed to it and sticks to it. An industry game changer and living legend,” said Gregg Sutton (a renowned singer songwriter who has written and played for Dolly Parton, Joe Cocker (wrote six songs), Percy Sledge, Eric Burdon, Joe Bonamasa, Charles & Eddy, and Sam Brown (UK star). He has played with Bob Dylan, Mick Taylor, Eric Clapton, Ian MacClagan, Van Morrison- Lone Justice (with Jimmy Iovine), Lil Steven, and Maria McKee.


“Jennifer is a visionary, determined, resourceful, dedicated and forward thinking – an amazing support and inspiration to us girls in JOANovARC from the U.K.,” said JOANovARC (endorsed and sponsored by Black Star amplification, Caz drums, Colin Leslie eyewear, Dean Markley strings and Gibson guitars. Four of their songs feature on the Xbox 360 game Rock Band).

Holly Lane:

“I am excited to hear Jennifer is starting this new venture, she is more than capable. I look forward to watching the company grow,” said Holly Lane (Associate Producer/Project Manager/ Management Consultant GM of Andale Records and Tuff City).

Yung Eazy:

“I met Jennifer Harper a few years ago. I have always valued her unconditionally. She is my number 1 and I’m her number 2. We are always number 1 and 2. She can handle every aspect of this business and she has always seen the potential and talent in me. It drives me wild she’s a boss and her intellect is insane. She sees all I can accomplish and is always so uplifting to me. She is my JH like my Uncle Jerry (Heller) was JH to my father, Eric Wright aka Eazy E of N.W.A. She and Uncle Jerry are so much alike and respected in this business and their loyalty to me and my father. I am just grateful to have the opportunity to have met someone like Jennifer in my life,” says Marquise Dijuan Wright – Yung Eazy (Yung Eazy is a Rap Artist and the son of the late Eric Wright aka Eazy E of N.W.A.).

Michael Frank:

“Jennifer’s leadership and true value is clearly demonstrated by her breadth and depth of industry knowledge. She can credibly discern corporate culture and help further drive progressive forward looking cultures seeking to improve our global footprint. Jennifer’s passion and ambition will surely compliment any company leadership and executive team,” said Michael Frank (the Protege of Rod Temperton, who created Michael Jackson).

Kannon “Caviar” Cross:

“Jennifer is dedicated, diligent, and such a wondrous executive.  She has proven to be one of the most highly sought movers and shakers in the entertainment industry.  She has heart and her drive goes unmatched as she achieves proficiently from project to project,” said Kannon “Caviar” Cross, Multi-Platinum Producer, Vortex Hollywood

Mark Live-Giveand:

“Where do I start?  Jennifer Harper is a Legend and so kind hearted.  I needed help with my Ace business deck…what took me 6 months to do she did in under 6 days.  I had the pleasure to see her and Jerry Heller work and it was art. Their synchronicity was truly amazing to witness.  I honestly know he was and still is the love of her life and she was the love of his.  What lucky people they must have been.  They were each other’s rock.  The haters don’t have a chance because love conquers all and this is the strongest brightest woman I have ever met.  And Jerry Heller would have taken a bullet for her.  He really gave her all his time and unconditional love and support.  She was his one and only…his soulmate.  She had his back until the last days of his fine life.  God bless Jennifer Harper,” said Mark Live-Giveand, Creator & Consultant for Ice-T and the Creator and Consultant producer for The Ice Loves Coco Show on E! Entertainment.

About Everlert, Inc.:

Everlert, Inc. is a provider of strategic management and structured financing services headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles and focused on the two most prominent business sectors in Southern California: Entertainment and Real Estate. The Company provides entertainment related services and projects through its wholly owned subsidiary, Everlert Entertainment Inc. The Entertainment group’s primary objectives are to provide management services, develop and acquire new entertainment content, and provide structural financing solutions to targeted entertainment projects. Everlert is planning on creating real estate opportunities as a developer and operator of a senior assisted living facility in the Inland Empire region of Southern California as well as other high profile projects through Everlert Properties, Inc., another wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. For additional information visit

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