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2018 video trends on the rise #streaming $ $BCOV $AVID $SNAP

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 12:46 PM on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

  • Video content will continue to soar in popularity in 2018,
  • As social media users become even more engaged with video thanks to the increase in engaging, stimulating visual imagery

When it comes to posting content on the internet, you have a lot of options. Not only do more and more platforms support video content, but an increasing number of websites are introducing live streaming features as well. Users can post photographs, videos, and even go live to interact with their friends, family, and followers through social media, and advertisers and entrepreneurs are increasingly invested in finding new and innovative ways to reach audiences through these channels. Across all social media platforms, in a wide variety of industries, among a large and diverse audience, video and live streaming services are gaining popularity; regardless of your reason for tapping into the power of social media, there are some video trends developing, and you should be watching them rise!

360 degree and shoppable videos

Another interesting video trend already on the rise is 360 video, which allows the viewer to control their perspective while watching the content, like a first-person perspective video game. And while virtual reality presents some really exciting potential, you don’t even need a headset to create or engage with 360 video content; these videos are easily played on smartphones and are frequently used for advertising. Thanks to the immersive nature of the technology, 360 video content catches more views, shares, and subscribers than standard video content.

As 360 video and virtual reality merge, 2018 will also see a surge in shoppable video content. Brands like Birchbox and GoPro are already testing shoppable video layers, in which users are able to swipe-to-buy after viewing an Instagram or Snap video advertisement. This allows brands to turn social video views into direct response sales, dramatically increasing conversion. More and more, companies will turn to video content to help them bridge the gap between social media scrolling and consumer actionables, like sharing, commenting, reacting, and purchasing.

Stream across multiple platforms

Streaming content is an integral component of faciliting comprehensive marketing programs. But today, consumers are consistently toggling back and forth between platforms, which means that there is often a disconnection of narrative or behind-the-scenes content. The problem is that most of us many content providers, including gamers and influencers, have certain bandwidth and processing limitations that make it difficult to stream to more than one channel at a time. If you’re sort of scratching your head a little, it’s ok; what it basically boils down to is that your home internet can only handle so much high-quality content.

Luckily, new technologies are emerging that make it possible to stream across more than one platform without sacrificing the quality of content or audience experience. Restream is one platform that makes it possible to broadcast live from up to 30+ different platforms across the world, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter.

Why video content?

Video content will continue to soar in popularity in 2018, as social media users become even more engaged with video thanks to the increase in engaging, stimulating visual imagery. Not only will technological advances like virtual reality continue to create new and exciting mediums for video artistry, but services like Restream will make it possible for users to distribute their content across more platforms and share it with a wider audience. Live video streaming is the perfect way to connect with your audience, because people tend to attach on a deeper level thanks to the visually stimulating and interactive nature of a live broadcast. The more immersive the live content is, the better — live streaming has been used to conduct interviews, share live events, and grant exclusive, behind-the-scenes access, but its possibilities are nearly endless.

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