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Liberty Star Submits Plan of Operations for Drilling Hay Mountain Project to Arizona State Land Department; Proposed Period of Operation: September 29, 2014 to September 29, 2015

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:40 AM on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

TUCSON, Ariz. — Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (“Liberty Star” or the “Company”)(OTCQB: LBSR) is pleased to announce that it has submitted an Exploration Plan of Operation (the “Plan” or the “EPO”), for the State Land component covering the prime anomaly of the Hay Mountain Project, to the Natural Resources Division – Minerals Section of the Arizona State Land Department (“ASLD”), as of today’s date. An approved EPO is required by the State prior to initiating exploration activities on Arizona State Trust land (the Company’s Mineral Exploration Permits or MEPs). Plan evaluation and approval may require 30 to 60 days: the approved EPO remains effective for one year from date of approval and the Company may request extensions if required. Liberty Star has proposed a Period of Operation commencing September 29, 2014. The innovative drilling program proposed by LBSR could begin after that date if the EPO is effective and adequate funding is obtained.

“…the type and extent of the operation to be performed. Include the estimated area of disturbance and provide detailed information for any earth moving or site clearance operations.”

Among the ASLD requirements for application of an EPO is a statement of “Scope of Operation” that describes “…the type and extent of the operation to be performed. Include the estimated area of disturbance and provide detailed information for any earth moving or site clearance operations.” Liberty Star has submitted the following:

“1. Core Drilling and daughter hole drilling for mineral deposits at depths of up to 5,360 feet (1,643 m) and using deviated drilling-directional drilling herein described as daughter holes to drill holes out from the mother holes which will give us information at up to 200 meters out from the mother hole. This will decrease our surface drill sites to 41 drill sites, a decrease of 89% by drilling from the central mother hole.

“2. We will be using a diamond core drill – with rubber tracks that put less pressure on the ground surface (4.8 pounds per square inch) than a human would in walking over the drill site. Rather than trucking water off-road to the drill site with very heavy (10 to 16 tons of water per truck load) we will pipe water to the drill sites as needed for drilling using unburied UV protected flexible polyethylene pipe which will not disturb the surface or vegetation to supply a plastic water tank (2,000 gal) at the drill site.

“3. We will use a very recently developed Solids Recovery Unit (SRU) which uses a centrifuge to clean the drill fluid before pumping it down into the hole again. This reduces the foot print of the drill site and negates the use of a traditional mud sump pit. Drill cuttings are automatically bagged and will be disposed in a land fill after drying.

“4. Personnel will be transported in a rubber tracked side-by-side [a 4WHD mini truck from Polaris] with 4 passenger capacity along with space for tools and consumables. This also has an impact of less than a human foot. Normal pickup trucks will only traverse main roads, only pickup trucks equipped with rubber tracks will travel off main dirt road.”

All vehicles used in the drilling process will be mounted on similar low weight distribution rubber tracks. No roads will be constructed, nor surface disturbance made. Routes to the drill sites will be by rubber tracked vehicle paths and there will be no surface disturbance of soil or vegetation.

States Liberty Star CEO/Chief Geologist Jim Briscoe: “The Scope of Operations statement we have submitted to the ASLD exemplifies our commitment to being excellent stewards of State Trust lands. The Exploration Plan is also financially sound because of the efficiencies we’ve built into the plan including those described above, which we believe should actually lower the cost of operations. With naseba and others, we have laid the groundwork for financing, and are in preliminary discussions with more than 12 entities in various countries where we have made presentations. We need that financing in place to proceed with Phase 1 drilling.”

“James A. Briscoe” James A. Briscoe, Professional Geologist, AZ CA
CEO/Chief Geologist
Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.

Forward-Looking Statements

Statements in this news release that are not historical are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements in this news release include our expectation that we will receive approval of our EPO and the timing of that approval, the anticipated timing of the EPO after it commences and the availability of extensions if they are required, our ability to raise funds to pay for the Phase I drilling and our belief that the EPO is financially sound and that it should actually lower the cost of operations. Factors which may delay or prevent these forward-looking statements from being realized include receipt and timing of EPO approval and delays in financing, the possibility that we may not be able to raise sufficient funds to complete our intended exploration or carry on operations and the timing of that financing; and the possibility that we may be prevented from drilling due to weather, logistical problems or other field hazards. Despite encouraging results, there may be no commercial grades of mineralization on our properties. Readers should refer to the risk disclosures in our recent 10-K and our other periodic reports filed from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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