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Unlocking the Future: Power Nickel’s Strategic Prowess Aligns with Industry Surge in EV Batteries Demand and Ethical Sourcing

Posted by Paul Nanuwa at 2:13 PM on Monday, January 8th, 2024

Introduction: As the world steers towards a future dominated by electric vehicles (EVs) and the imperative of net-zero carbon emissions, a notable challenge emerges – the ethical sourcing of EV battery metals. The recent S&P Global figures expose a glaring gap between the soaring demand for EV batteries and the ability to source minerals like nickel responsibly. In this landscape, Power Nickel stands as a beacon of ethical mining practices and robust strategic positioning.

Industry Outlook and Power Nickel’s Trajectory: With EV sales projected to skyrocket by millions in the next decade, the demand for battery metals, including nickel, is reaching unprecedented levels. Power Nickel, by being at the forefront of the mining industry, is strategically positioned to meet this demand ethically. The company’s commitment to transparency and sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with the evolving dynamics of the global mining sector.

Voices of Authority: Resilinc, a key player in supply chain risk management, emphasizes the critical need for EV manufacturers to ensure compliance within their supply networks. Power Nickel’s CEO, Terry Lynch, echoes this sentiment by steering the company towards compliance and transparency, setting a standard for the mining sector.

Power Nickel’s Highlights: Power Nickel’s achievements illustrate the company’s commitment to pioneering a new era in ethical mining. Power Nickel is shaping the industry narrative as it aims to prove the world’s first carbon-neutral nickel mine.  The company released its inaugural NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate for the “NISK” Nickel Sulphide project. Following a successful 2023 drilling campaign and advanced geological interpretations, Power Nickel reveals an impressive 5.4 Million Indicated Tonnes Grading 1.05 % NiEq and 1.8 Million Inferred Tonnes Grading 1.35 % NiEq, underlining the project’s substantial commercial potential. The project benefits from an abundant supply of low-carbon hydropower and carbon-capture technology that uses NISK’s ultramafic tailings to help offset the mine’s emissions.

Real-world Relevance: In a world grappling with ESG concerns and ethical sourcing challenges, Power Nickel’s contributions are not just industry advancements but tangible solutions. The company’s dedication to fair labor practices, compliance, and supplier collaboration positions it as a driving force in mitigating forced labor risks in the EV battery supply chain.

Looking Ahead with Power Nickel: Power Nickel’s strategic initiatives, including AI-driven mapping and supply chain visibility, underscore its commitment to future-proofing the mining sector. As the industry embraces sustainability, Power Nickel emerges as a key player, paving the way for responsible mining practices and a transparent supply chain.

Conclusion: Power Nickel’s journey is more than a mining venture; it’s a commitment to reshaping the narrative of ethical sourcing in the EV battery supply chain. Investors looking for a company that not only anticipates industry trends but actively contributes to their positive evolution need look no further. Power Nickel’s story is one of responsible growth, aligning seamlessly with the industry’s trajectory towards a sustainable future. Explore the possibilities; Power Nickel is leading the way.




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$ Acquisition of Colt Mesa Copper-Cobalt Property, Utah, Surface Grab Samples Return 0.88% Copper and 2.31% Cobalt $

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:31 AM on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

  • Announced the acquisition of the “Colt Mesa” copper-cobalt property in Garfield County, south central Utah.
  • Colt Mesa mine is associated cobalt, zinc, nickel and molybdenum mineralization
  • Recent sampling (CM-18-01) by Company personnel, on a site visit with the vendor of the property, returned values of 0.88 percent (%) copper (Cu), 2.31% cobalt (Co), 9.31 % zinc (Zn), +1.00 % nickel (Ni), and 0.29 % molybdenum (Mo), over a 0.3 meter chip sample of surface exposure near the adit portal


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Glacier Lake Resources Inc. (TSXV:GLI) – (“Glacier” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the “Colt Mesa” copper-cobalt property in Garfield County, southcentral Utah. The property is readily accessible by gravel roads from Boulder, the closest community with services and support. Key takeaways:

  • Property covers the past producing Colt Mesa mine, a copper deposit with associated cobalt, zinc, nickel and molybdenum mineralization.
  • Recent sampling (CM-18-01) by Company personnel, on a site visit with the vendor of the property, returned values of 0.88 percent (%) copper (Cu), 2.31% cobalt (Co), 9.31 % zinc (Zn), +1.00 % nickel (Ni), and 0.29 % molybdenum (Mo), over a 0.3 meter chip sample of surface exposure near the adit portal. Tables below,
  • Area recently became open for staking and exploration after a 21 year period moratorium, due to the reduction of the “Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument” by President Trump in December 2017.
  • 1975 grab sampling reported values from 0.07% to 29.50 % copper (Cu), 0.01% to 0.67 % cobalt (Co), 0.03% to 3.30 % zinc (Zn), 0.02% to 0.27 % nickel (Ni), and trace to 0.17 % molybdenum (Mo). The Company cautions investors grab samples are selected samples and are not necessarily representative of the mineralization on the Colt Mesa property.
  • Sedimentary (sandstone) hosted, tabular strata-bound mineralization.
  • Excellent year-round logistics, road accessible. No reclamation issues from historic mining activity.

“The Colt Mesa acquisition broadens our focus on sedimentary hosted copper deposits, with a significant bonus of cobalt and nickel mineralization indicated. There is strong investor interest in the “Battery Metals” sector, including cobalt, nickel and copper. With this new interest coupled with the growth of the EV sector and strong demand for cobalt, the Colt Mesa project is a welcome addition to the Company’s ever growing portfolio of projects,” says Saf Dhillon, president and chief executive officer. “Surface exploration work will start this summer on the Colt Mesa property and drill permitting will be initiated shortly.”

The Colt Mesa deposit was discovered in 1968 and was mined intermittently from 1971 to 1974. While little data survived from the copper mining activities, a 1975 Master Thesis (G.M. Collings, 1975, Geology and Geochemistry of the Colt Mesa Copper Deposit”) completed at the University of Utah, is an invaluable source of information on the geology and mineralization at the Colt Mesa mine.

Tabular, strata-bound copper mineralization lies within a paleochannel at the contact of two distinct sedimentary (sandstone) units. The trackless, room-and-pillar mining was focused on the copper mineralization meaning the mine and surrounding area were never systematically explored for cobalt mineralization.

All of the above samples were taken at surface, near the adits. The underground working was examined (see website for photos), but not sampled. Samples CM-18-01, 02, and 03, were chip sampled from the same location over a width of 1.35 meters, averaging 0.52 % Cu, 1.51 % Co, 6.52 % Zn, 0.79% Pb, and 0.17 % Mo. Sample CM-18-01 and CM-18-03 had conspicuous “cobalt bloom”, whereas CM-18-02 was barren, unmineralized sandstone. Sample CM-18-04 was a select grab sample of bright, copper oxide float from the dump. The Colt Mesa is renowned for brilliant, multicolored copper oxides, attributed to the association with cobalt and molybdenum.’

The 1975 Master Thesis reports: “The ore body is tabular in form and is composed of chalcopyrite, bornite, digenite, covellite and chalcocite”. Sampling of the underground mineralized zone was completed in 1975 with a total of eight samples from the mineralized zone taken as follows:

Again, the Company cautions investors grab samples are selected samples and are not necessarily representative of the mineralization on the Colt Mesa property.

The Colt Mesa area has seen significant exploration for uranium in the 1950s and 1960s, modest exploration for copper and base metals but minimal exploration was focused on cobalt and nickel. The Colt Mesa mine area was sterilized from exploration and development in 1996, when President Clinton created the “Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument”, however, the size was recently reduced by Presidential proclamation in 2017, placing Colt Mesa outside the new boundaries of the restructured national monument.

For more information on the Colt Mesa project go to

In consideration for the property, Glacier Lake will issue one million common shares, and make a cash payment of US $120,000, staged over a two (2) year period. The vendors retain a one-and-three-quarters percent (1.75%) Net Smelter Returns (“NSR”). Glacier shall be entitled to purchase one percent (1.00%) of the Royalty at any time through a one-time cash payment of $1,000,000 to the vendors. Completion of the acquisition is subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange. All common shares issued will be subject to a four-month-and-one-day statutory hold period. A finder’s fee may be payable related to this acquisition.

Quality assurance/quality control

All recent surface samples from the Colt Mesa property were hand delivered to the ALS Minerals Ltd. North Vancouver, B.C., laboratory, an 17025:2005 certified facility. All samples were collected by Company personnel and securely stored until delivery to ALS Minerals. At this early stage of exploration, Glacier Lake is relying on the certified standards utilized by ALS Minerals as part of it analysis protocols. No QA/QC anomalies were noted in the analyses.

The technical content of this news release has been reviewed and approved by R. Tim Henneberry, P.Geo, a member of the Glacier Lake advisory board and a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 — Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects.
For additional information please feel free to contact:

Saf Dhillon
Glacier Lake Resources Inc.
Dir: 604-688-2922
[email protected]

Please visit our Website at: