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Marble $ $MRBLF Launches Personal Financial Wellness Platform, ‘MyMarble’ with Mortgage Approval Help $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:12 PM on Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Vancouver, B.C – TheNewswire – APRIL 08, 2021 – Marble Financial Inc. (CSE:MRBL (CNSX:MRBL.CN); OTC:MRBLF FSE:2V0) (“Marble” or the “Company”), an AI-driven financial technology company that educates and helps Canadians better understand and manage their current cash flow and credit towards a better financial future, is pleased to announce a referral agreement with Mortgage Approval Help (“MAH”) offering its consumers, Marble’s AI-driven financial wellness SAAS platform, MyMarble .

Marble, a leading financial technology innovator, is announcing a new referral program with MAH, a subsidiary of Home Owner Soon Financial Inc. MAH is a Canadian Fintech that helps consumers understand their financial situation and then connects them with mortgage lending partners who can best match their criteria to a solution at the best rates available.

Since 2012, MAH has helped thousands of Canadians to achieve homeownership through their revolutionary Mortgage Comparison Platform.  Access to such a motivated consumer base presents a sizeable new growth channel of opportunity for Marble to empower Canadians using its holistic personal finance fintech solution that provides precise expert curated recommendations, insights, and financial literacy.

Despite the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s home sales reached a new all-time record in February 2021, up 25% from the previous year, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association (1) .

With an increase in demand and desire for homeownership, there is an increasing need for companies like MAH to help find the best products and providers to reach their goals. Solutions like MyMarble will help strengthen MAH customers with their future financial outlook when seeking the best rates available.

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AGORACOM Welcomes Marble Financial $ $MRBLF A #Fintech Company Utilizing the Power of #AI, Data Science and Machine Learning to Help Canadians Build and Manage Credit to Improve Their Financial Wellness $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:33 AM on Monday, January 25th, 2021


Why Marble?

  • Revolutionary fintech company utilizing the power of AI technology to help Canadians manage debt, build credit and budget.
  • Provides users:
    • Expert budgeting insights
    • Consumer proposal-exiting guidance
    • AI-powered credit boosting intelligence
    • Financial literacy
  • Robust B2B and B2C offerings.
  • A trusted fintech provider for businesses to maximize their customers credit profile.
  • Servicing a previously underserved subprime Canadian market
  • Strong Insiders/Management Ownership: 35%

What Exactly Does Marble Do?

‘MyMarble’ offers very specific, personalized financial recommendations about when to pay bills, how to prioritize debt management decisions and offers, tracks and highlights personalized data insights.

‘MyMarble’ through its suite of products offers innovative structured credit product solutions:


The MyMarble Ecosystem obtains leads from a number of tier one Canadian fintech companies which are funnelled accordingly due to a detailed needs analysis.


Did You Know 12 Million Canadians Are Below A Prime Credit Rating? credit

According to MNP (October 2020) , almost 50% of Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque and based on statistics from Statistics Canada’s Household Sector Credit Market Summary (June 2020), for every dollar of disposable income, Canadians carry a $1.77 of debt.  Additionally, Canada is a credit-based economy and financial literacy and good credit score is a major determinant to Financial Inclusion.

What Problem Does That Pose To Individuals Seeking Credit?


The Marble Model


How Marble Acquires and Converts Customers



Benefits of This World Class, AI-Powered Platform:

  • Expert AI Insights and Real-Time Recommendations
    • Comprehensive monthly reporting provides expert insights to guide the best course of action to manage budgets effectively
  • Data-Driven Credit Score Improvement Solution
    • Marble’s Score-Up AI insights suggests steps which will make the biggest positive impact on credit scores using industry-leading monitoring and point deduction technology. 
    • In a recent Personal Finance Sentiments Survey conducted by Marble, approximately 70% of the respondents commented that they were embarrassed by their credit score, proving a willingness to improve their credit to an acceptable mainstream banking level.
    • In addition, a similar number of the same respondents identified having over $100 in disposable income each month, confirming Score-Up Lite’s affordability to people that could benefit from it. 
  • Specialist Curated Financial Literacy Platform
    • The company’s Maestro Financial Literacy education platform has been designed and developed by personal finance experts with decades of experience within the industry. 
  • Sustainable Consumer Proposal Exit solution
    • One of the only companies in Canada that specializes in exiting consumer proposals in a safe, fair and ethical way.

What Does The Company’s Financial Future Look Like?


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