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betterU Education $ Develops an Application Programming Interface (API) Advancing Access and Automation of the Company’s Global Education Marketplace

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 10:03 AM on Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Betteru large

  • Announced the development of the company’s ‘RESTful API’ that will enable the automation and management of global partners and additional services to be made available on betterU’s marketplace
  • ‘RESTful API’ is a services layer of the betterU ecosystem that will enable the company to advance its asset-light model and support scalable global growth

OTTAWA, Sept. 22, 2017 — betterU Education Corp. (TSX-V:BTRU) (FRANKFURT:5OGA), (“betterU”), is pleased to announce the development of the company’s ‘RESTful API’ that will enable the automation and management of global partners and additional services to be made available on betterU’s marketplace. The ‘RESTful API’ is a services layer of the betterU ecosystem that will enable the company to advance its asset-light model and support scalable global growth.

Image of the betterU RESTful API

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

The betterU ‘RESTful API’ benefits include:

  • the ability for partners to add and manage their content, sign-up promotions, set their pricing;
  • a quick and easy onboarding process for thousands of courses from around the world;
  • the ability to manage partners, programs and course promotions;
  • an opportunity for partners to add and manage jobs postings;
  • a quick and easy onboarding process able to support thousands of jobs;
  • ability to provide access to partners’ online sales data and reports;
  • ability of new partners to be able to register automatically on betterU marketplace;
  • ability of content and other partners to ‘push and pull’ information of all course content;
  • an infrastructure for ‘coming soon’ onboarding portal.

betterU’s RESTful API will enable its partners to dynamically control the content and pricing of courses posted on betterU marketplace. This will enable them to easily come up with ad hoc promotions and post marketing materials on the company’s marketplace all subject to approval stages by betterU.

The advancement of the betterU’s marketplace ecosystem has been an important part of the company’s development. As betterU continues to advance its global efforts with the integrating of course providers, employment opportunities and corporate partners, automated efficiencies will help support rapid growth.  This automation will support reduced ongoing management costs, increase available products and services and support expansion of new company offerings. “The advancement of our RESTful API has been part of the company’s main goals for the last several years. It is wonderful to see the company advancing our technology infrastructure,” said Hagai Amiel CTO of betterU Education Corp.

About betterU

betterU, a global education marketplace, aims to provide access to quality education from around the world to foster growth and opportunity to those who want to better their lives. The company plans to bridge the prevailing gap in the education and job industry and enhance the lives of its prospective learners by developing an integrated ‘education-to employment’ ecosystem. betterU’s offerings can be categorized into four broad functions: to complement school programs with flexible KG-12 programs preparing children for next stage of education, to foster an exceptional educational environment by providing befitting skills that lead to a better career, to bridge the gap between one’s existing education and prospective job requirement by training them and lastly, to connect the end user to various job opportunities. and

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

This press release may contain forward-looking statements and information, which may involve risks and uncertainties. The results or events predicted in these statements may differ materially from actual results or events. Factors that might cause a difference include, but are not limited to, competitive developments, risks associated with betterU’s growth, the state of the financial markets, regulatory risks and other factors. There can be no assurance or guarantees that any statements of forward-looking information contained in this release will prove to be accurate. Actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. These and all subsequent written and oral statements containing forward-looking information are based on the estimates and opinions of management on the dates they are made and expressly qualified in their entirety by this notice. Unless otherwise required by applicable securities laws, betterU disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether because of new information, future events or otherwise. Readers should not place undue reliance on any statements of forward-looking information that speak only as of the date of this release. Further information on betterU’s public filings, including their most recent audited consolidated financial statements, are available at

For further information, please visit

Investor contact:

Investor Relations
1-613-695-4100 Ext. 233

Madison Square Garden Company Appoints Head of #Esports Division $GMBL

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:48 AM on Friday, September 22nd, 2017

  • Esports are second only to movies in the 18 to 25 demographic
  • Nick Allen, who until recently was the vice president of esports for video streaming service Twitch, was named the head of Madison Square Gard Company’s “growing esports division,” effective October 2nd

Nick Allen, who until recently was the vice president of esports for video streaming service Twitch, was named the head of Madison Square Gard Company’s “growing esports division,” effective October 2nd, according to the company.

Allen will be responsible for driving the company’s efforts to expand its presence in the esports industry, with a primary focus on operating Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), MSG’s newly acquired esports franchise. In his new role, Allen will serve as CLG’s chief operating officer, working with CLG Founder and President George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis on advancing the company’s initiatives, including creating live, tickets events. He will also be in charge of creating esports events at MSG venues across the country.

The Madison Square Garden Company operated a number of high profile venues around the country including New York’s Madison Square Garden, The Theater at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall and Beacon Theatre; the Forum in Inglewood, CA; The Chicago Theatre; and the Wang Theatre in Boston. The company also owns the New York Knicks, the New York Rangers and the New York Liberty (WNBA).

This July, Madison Square Garden bought a controlling interest in Counter Logic Gaming, which was founded in 2010 as a League of Legends team. CLG now fields teams in a variety of esports including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Call of Duty and Super Smash Bros.

“We couldn’t be happier with the addition of Nick to our team here at MSG as we start to take a leadership role in the growth of the esports industry,” Jordan Solomon, executive vice president, MSG Sports, Madison Square Garden Company, said in a prepared statement. “Nick brings with him an extensive knowledge of esports and a deep set of relationships developed through overseeing some of the industry’s most popular events, and he has created initiatives that have continued to grow the gaming community. His vision for the esports space will be an invaluable asset to The Madison Square Garden Company and to CLG.”

Prior to joining Twitch in 2015, Allen was the esports operations manager for Riot Games, establishing the organization’s first team dedicated to the operation of esports competitions, including League of Legends World Championships, Championship Series, and Challenger Series. Before Riot Games, he served as an esports division and operations manager for IGN Entertainment.


betterU Education Corp. $ – How To Monetize A Developing Country

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 1:11 PM on Thursday, September 21st, 2017
betterU Education Corp. is a global education marketplace that provides access to quality education from the top educators into emerging markets such as India.
To date, the company has enlisted over 10,000 programs from over 50 institutions and 8 countries. betterU has also announced several global strategic partnerships that have gone unnoticed by the general public, with each deal having the potential to generate enormous value for its shareholders.

Current Price: C$0.42
Shares Outstanding: 51.8 million
Market Capitalization: C$21.8 million

Currently focused on the hundreds of millions of potential customers in India, betterU aims to equalize education around the world by providing accessibility, choice, and affordability, all within an ‘Amazon’ like platform providing opportunities to those who want to better their lives. The company’s vision is to provide a better education, which can lead to a better job and ultimately create a better life by bridging the gap between education and the job industry.

betterU was founded in early 2013, and it took over 4 years to put the foundation in place, including global leadership, localized teams, international partnerships, mass marketing, support technologies and infrastructure to operate in India.

It took more than 2 years to establish the company’s operating entity within India including incorporating, banking and an ability to collect payments in local currency. 98% of the country’s population of over 1.3 billion do not have credit cards to enable them to purchase international education. India is considered a closed currency market, and the only way to transact is to be established as an Indian entity, which has been for many foreigners too lengthy of a process to set-up.

This was one among many significant barriers to entries that make it extremely difficult for other educators to do business in India. betterU has the first mover advantage, and is the only global education marketplace established for emerging markets.

The business model is simple, betterU provides mass marketing across India, collecting all registrations payments, user data and then connects the learner seamlessly into a content partner’s learning environment. betterU holds back 20% to 50% of revenues collected as their fee depending on the partner’s brand and offering that is available. betterU has over 10,000 courses in its arsenal, provided by reputable institutions such as edx’s Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Udemy, Pluralsight, Skillsoft and more.

(Sample of content partners, Source: betterU)

Education In India – Big Business

There is no denying India is a large market. Ever since Jim O’Neill, the global economist at Goldman Sachs, coined the phrase ‘BRIC’ in the early 2000s, India has proven to be a financial juggernaut on the world stage. The country is singled out due to its young population, healthy savings and investment rates, and its increasing integration into the global economy. In fact, for the first time, India was the first on the World Bank’s growth look in 2015-2016.By extension, the education sector provides massive opportunity, with almost 30% of the population between the ages 0-14, and 260 million students enrolled in more than 1.5 million schools. Over 34 million students are enrolled in ~50,000 colleges and institutions for higher education, making it the largest vertical in the world. The education sector is currently valued at $98 billion, and is expected to climb to $144 billion by 2020.

Intuitively, the online education market will be growing just as fast. In a recent study released by KPMG, the sector is currently valued at $250 million, and is expected to reach ~$2 billion by 2021. This growth will be primary fueled by paid users, which is expected to grow from current 1.6 million users to 9.5 million in 2021. The largest segment of online education is re-skilling and certification, currently valued at $93 million, and expected to grow to $463 million by 2021.

Strategic Partnership With The Largest National Media Company

betterU’s head office is located in Ottawa, Canada, but it also has local offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. One of the key shareholders in its Indian entity, Skillsdox India Private Ltd., owned 50% by betterU and 50% by Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd. (the Times Group), the largest media company in India.

betterU and the Times Group have entered into an investment and marketing agreement, where the Times Group will make an in-kind investment of ~$30 million into Skillsdox India. The Times Group will provide media-based marketing that will cover 80% of India. This partnership provides betterU with immense exposure and penetration for education in India.

Last month, the company launched a visibility campaign, and saw 14,000 visitors with a bounce rate of 29% versus the average of 50%. Last year numbers saw a 3% conversion to registrations, 40% of whom ended up buying. The company’s social media followers grew from ~20,000 over the last year to now over 130,000 in just the last 6 weeks.

The company has only used $1 million of the in-kind investment, and is now building out a digital campaign to fully utilize the marketing partnership. Once this campaign is fully active, it will provide a significant pipeline of learners to the platform.

Strategic Partnership With The Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC)

Prime Minister Modi has a vision to skill 500 million people by 2022. Thus, many global educators are clamoring for a spot at the table, however, most simply do not have the infrastructure to do so. betterU’s unique approach of pre- and post assessments to determine the ideal learning path has given the company an incredible edge in dealing with a variety of learners and scenarios.

In November 2016, betterU held its first Skills Leadership Summit in Delhi that included many industry, academia and government leaders. A panelist, the CEO of TSSC, Lieutenant-General Kochhar outlined the importance of skills development and the required collaboration between industry and educators.

betterU fostered this relationship, and after 10 months of discussions, an MOU was executed with the TSSC to jointly support the skilling of millions of workers in the telecom sector. The two organizations will combine efforts to support multiple initiatives, including the development of country-wide learning centres; the development and acquisition of localized educational programs; development of rural area mobility learning; and the further advancement of a customized skilling platform.

The TSSC expects the need to skill over 8.8 million people in the telecom sector by 2022, and will do so by utilizing the portfolio of courses available through betterU’s global education marketplace. This will be an incredible collaboration once formalized, and will provide a robust and steady stream of revenue for betterU.

Strategic Partnership With NASSCOM/IT-ITes SSC

Similar to the TSSC MOU, betterU have begun formal discussions and due diligence with NASSCOM/IT-ITes SSC for the purpose of skilling millions of professionals across the IT sector. In show of support for betterU and Canada’s commitment to bilateral trade, Brian Parrott, Minister Commercial and Senior Trade Commission Services from the Canadian embassy, was also present at the meeting.Robust Pipeline

Speaking with management, there is a variety of opportunities in the pipeline at various stages of development. Each has the potential to either bolster revenues or provide game changing cash flow to the table.betterU is on the cusp of consummating a partnership with one of the largest technology companies in the market, which will allow this company to establish itself in India with a strategic partner who can collect its revenue. This can lead the way to a larger, more formal agreements down the line.

betterU’s most recent partnership is with the Central Bank of India to provide instructor led leadership training in Mumbai for all their Assistant General Managers. The company is currently expecting feedback on the training results, and looking forward to continue building its relationship.

Proven Management Team – Brad Loiselle

Brad Loiselle, President, CEO, Founder, is a serially successful entrepreneur, with an exit in the online education space already.He was the founder of Canada’s largest supplier of licensed paper goods, EasyWrapLines, which manufactured and distributed licensed paper goods products (gift bags, wrapping paper, etc.) for entertainment companies such as Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, and Fox Entertainment, just to name a few.

After this venture, Brad was in China and saw the struggles of education up close. He thought that technology was the perfect way to organize the space, and realized no one was offering content to the online masses. He created his own methodology, built the platform, and hit the conference circuit to get the word out.

His company, iPal (Interactive Professional Applied Learning), provided a full development solution to online education. His focus was to create a company that would eventually bring quality education to the mass population of the emerging markets.

iPal developed courses for employees at companies such as BMW, Scotia Bank, IATA, Service Canada College, and Knightsbridge. In fact, it was Knightsbridge that eventually acquired iPal in July 2011, using the methodology to build courses across North America.

Brad saw the potential of what online learning could bring to the developing world, and built betterU to service this lucrative space. Brad has a significant equity position in betterU and has entered into a volunteering pooling agreement to restrict his shares for sale on the exchange, and maintains the burning desire to build a leading company to eventually sell off to a major tech company.

The online education space is a hot sector. Some notable acquisitions include acquiring IAC for an estimated $40 million; Pearson Education buying a controlling stake in TutorVista for $127 million. Chan-Zuckerberg, Sequoia and others have -backed Byju for over $125M; Chegg acquiring InstaEDU for $30 million; and Linkedin acquiring for $1.5 billion.

Moving Forward

At a $20 million market cap, betterU is undervalued.It appears there is a lot of interest on the investment front, and we believe Brad will be able to secure a significant investment in the next six months.

The company will experience rapid organic growth through its partnership with The Times Group, with each partnership in the pipeline offering significant leaps in valuation once solidified.

Brad is a proven company maker, and it also helps he already has a significant exit in the online education space. This will be his third home run, and at current prices the perfect entry into this company.

Fundamental Research Re-Initiates Coverage on New Age Metals Inc. $ with Largest Undeveloped Primary #PGM Deposit in Canada

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 12:13 PM on Thursday, September 21st, 2017

New age large

  • Advancing its River Valley PGM project to a Preliminary Economic Assessment in 2018
  • Project has a measured and indicated resource of 91 Mt grading 0.84 g/t Pd + Pt + Au, 0.06% Cu, and 0.02% Ni, containing 3.9 Moz PdEq (palladium equivalent)
  • Currently pursuing a 16,500 ft drill program to confirm and expand the newly discovered high-grade near surface resource on the northern portion of the project
  • Palladium prices have almost doubled since the end of 2015
  • Also has a portfolio of five hard-rock lithium projects in Canada

Global platinum production was approximately 5.5 Moz, and global palladium production was approximately 6.6 Moz in 2016. To put in perspective, global gold production was 99.2 Moz in 2016. The following charts show the top platinum and palladium producers in the world. 

Canada is the fourth largest platinum (8% of global), and third largest palladium (11% of global) producer. The U.S. imports approximately 1.38 Moz of platinum (92% of its demand) and 1.92 Moz of palladium (86% of its demand) every year. The strong reliance on imports indicates the importance of PGM projects in North America. 

Canada is the fourth largest platinum (8% of global), and third largest palladium (11% of global) producer. The U.S. imports approximately 1.38 Moz of platinum (92% of its demand) and 1.92 Moz of palladium (86% of its demand) every year. The strong reliance on imports indicates the importance of PGM projects in North America. 

Palladium has been one of the best performing commodities in recent times as prices were up 96%, from US$500 per oz at the end of 2015, to the current price of US$980 per oz. 


Toronto Raptors, #NBA take ‘logical’ step into new frontier: Elite #Esports league $GMBL

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:26 AM on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Could the day come where more people watch the video-game avatars of average folks than superstar NBA athletes?

Don’t laugh. The growth of esports — defined as “a multiplayer video game played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers” — has been nothing short of staggering.

Millions of people love to watch these top-notch players show their stuff. Sometimes, they even fill up arenas, and it’s only getting bigger and bigger every year.

The NBA joined forces with Take-Two Interactive, publisher of the NBA 2K video game series, to create a new league that will begin play in 2018, with 17 NBA franchises, including the Toronto Raptors, taking part in the inaugural season.

“It all started last February, when (NBA commissioner Adam Silver) and Strauss Zelnick (CEO of Take-Two) announced we were going to be doing the league, but even before that, we had been exploring the esports space, trying to figure out where we could fit into it,” Brendan Donohue said Monday.

Donohue, the managing director of the NBA 2K esports league, was in town to shed some light on the venture, since many of a certain age don’t have much of a clue of what it is all about, or why esports is so popular.

“It’s 5-on-5. Oftentimes, people are used to seeing video games being played 1-on-1,” Donohue said. “This actually is going to be five human beings playing five other human beings, controlling every player on the virtual court. So there will be no artificial intelligence whatsoever.

“The good thing is, several of our owners previously had and still own other teams and other titles … So we’ve had our owners that have been passionate about esports in general, so it just made logical sense for us to make the next step. The NBA has been running a league for two-quarters of a century, and then you have 2K, which is the most popular sports game amongst the major leagues. It just seemed logical for us to take a run at this.”

In this Sept. 3 file photo, fans watch a League of Legends esports competition at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. Christophe Simon / AFP / Getty Images

There is already a waiting list for Year 2, as other NBA teams look to join the party.

And why not? Last month, Palisade Research released an esports primer which read in part: “The Esports sector is forecasted to generate $1.13 billion (U.S.) in 2017, with 258 million viewers. By 2021, revenue is expected to grow to $2.70 billion, and to 438 million viewers. Some analysts peg revenues to reach as high as $3.31 billion, which would almost match the revenues of the established National Hockey League ($3.7 billion), and on the heels of the National Basketball Association ($4.8 billion).”

Donohue said he has heard those projections, but right now, the focus is on “just wanting to be the best possible.”

He is well aware of how the financial world feels about esports, though.

“For example, you look at something like Twitch, which has 10 million daily viewers,” Donohue said. “Goldman Sachs has looked at it and I’ve seen their reports — they predict it will be 20 million (daily viewers) by 2020. Everyone who is looking at this is predicting both viewership and revenues to continue to explode in the near future.”

Donohue knew Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment wouldn’t sit on the sidelines.

“I’ve known the folks at MLSE for a long period of time,” he said. “They are extremely innovative, they are very digitally savvy, they are a great organization and I know they are passionate about this space, so I assumed they were going to be in.”

Could the NHL follow in the NBA’s footsteps in getting into esports in a major way?

It could happen down the line considering the massive financial potential. Washington Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis is already heavily involved, and MLSE, Madison Square Garden (New York Knicks and Rangers) and Joshua Harris (Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils), three of the 17 initial NBA participants, also own NHL franchises.

In this March 1 file photo, Toronto Raptors forward Serge Ibaka (centre) drives to the hoop against the Washington Wizards. Chris Young / CP

MLSE declined to comment on Monday about a potential Maple Leafs esports franchise.

At a business summit back in March, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said, “We envision something that would augment a fan’s affinity to his team … because, ultimately, I could envision a league-wide competition where each club runs a competition to see who will be represented in the equivalent of our championship, but for our esport game.”

At the time, Bettman said the NHL had been discussing the idea for over a year, “and if (NHL video game maker Electronic Arts) can continue to get some traction in developing a game that would work like that, we’ll be in that business.”

Which would be no surprise at all to Donohue.

“I would expect other leagues to follow our lead and to get involved in this. I would expect that to happen. I think it’s great for esports,” he said.

“Other (professional league) games being successful just continues to grow the broader universe.”


The players for the new NBA 2K esports league will come from all over.

“Our goal, to make this the best league possible, is to find the best 85 players on the planet. They can be anywhere in the world, they can be male, they can be female — we just want the best 85 players,” league managing director Brendan Donohue told Postmedia on Monday.

Players will be paid by their respective teams. Tryouts will start around Feb. 1, 2018, with a draft to follow in mid-March. The season will run from May 1 and go for 15 weeks, before concluding with two weeks of playoffs ending the third week of August.

When most people think esports, if they know anything about the phenomenon in the first place, they picture teenagers and people in their early 20s playing video games. Donohue said NBA 2K players don’t really fit that description.

“We actually don’t skew that young. So, 58 per cent of our player are actually over 25, so we skew a little older,” he said. “I think there are some myths about our players in general. They’re actually more likely to be educated, more likely to have a higher income. There are some myths out there about esports.”

For the first season, the 17 teams will play “in a central studio, or maybe two, somewhere in North America,” Donohue said.

Games won’t be played in sold-out arenas just yet, but that could happen down the line.

“We’re excited to be in Toronto (long-term),” Donohue said. “When they’ve had esports events (at the Air Canada Centre) before they’ve been very successful. We see this as a great market.”


Invested in #MMJ stocks such as #Cannabis Sativa $CBDS ? Check out the world’s largest B2C #Vaporizer company Namaste $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:12 AM on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017



  • World’s Largest E-Commerce B2C Vaporizer Company
  • Record Monthly Sales in August of C$1.43M
  • Revenue for AUG 31 2018 expected $24.9 million
  • Owns 26 e-commerce stores in 20 countries
  • Distribution centers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • Aggressively expanding into manufacturing and wholesaling
  • Product acquisition agreement announced with Aphria Inc.

Namaste $ Announces Product Acquisition Agreement With Aphria Inc. $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:49 AM on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017


  • Signed a Product Acquisition Agreement with Aphria Inc. (TSX:APH) (OTCQB:APHQF), to supply medical cannabis through Namaste’s Cannmart facility in Ontario, Canada
  • Agreement represents further progress for Namaste in securing supply agreements with high quality producers of medical cannabis

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 20, 2017 — Namaste Technologies Inc. (“Namaste” or the “Company”) (CSE:N) (FRANKFURT:M5BQ) (OTCMKTS:NXTTF) is pleased to announce that it has signed a Product Acquisition Agreement (the “Agreement”) with Aphria Inc. (“Aphria”) (TSX:APH) (OTCQB:APHQF), to supply medical cannabis through Namaste’s Cannmart facility in Ontario, Canada.

The Agreement represents further progress for Namaste in securing supply agreements with high quality producers of medical cannabis. Namaste intends to build on its current product offerings through its distribution license, by creating an online marketplace that is inclusive of medical cannabis for our Canadian customers. Namaste is pleased to have brought on Aphria, one of Canada’s leading licensed producers focused on production of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis products.

About Aphria Inc.

Aphria Inc., one of Canada’s lowest cost producers, produces, supplies and sells medical cannabis. Located in Leamington, Ontario, the greenhouse capital of Canada, Aphria is truly powered by sunlight, allowing for the most natural growing conditions available. It is committed to providing pharma-grade medical cannabis, superior patient care while balancing patient economics and returns to shareholders. It is the first public licensed producer to report positive cash flow from operations and the first to report positive earnings in consecutive quarters.

Management Commentary

Sean Dollinger, President and CEO of Namaste comments: “We are very pleased to be working with Aphria, who we believe to be one of the top Canadian producers of the highest quality medical cannabis products. Our goal is to create an online marketplace for our patients that will offer a variety of products sourced from various producers in Canada and overseas. We plan to leverage our existing database of Canadian consumers along with our expertise in e-commerce to provide a unique platform for medical patients to access. We are excited to offer Aphria product to our Cannmart patients shipped from our facility in Toronto, Ontario.”

About Namaste Technologies Inc.

Namaste Technologies Inc. is an emerging leader in vaporizer and accessories space. Namaste has 26 ecommerce retail stores in 20 countries, offers the largest range of brand name vaporizers products on the market and is actively manufacturing and launching multiple unique proprietary products for retail and wholesale distribution. The Company is currently focused on expanding its product offering, acquisitions and strategic partnerships, and entering new markets globally.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

“Sean Dollinger”
Chief Executive Officer
Direct: +1 (786) 389 9771

Further information on the Company and its products can be accessed through the links below:

FORWARD LOOKING INFORMATION This press release contains forward-looking information based on current expectations. These statements should not be read as guarantees of future performance or results. Such statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from those implied by such statements. Although such statements are based on management’s reasonable assumptions, Namaste assumes no responsibility to update or revise forward looking information to reflect new events or circumstances unless required by law. Although the Company believes that the expectations and assumptions on which the forward-looking statements are based are reasonable, undue reliance should not be placed on the forward-looking statements because the Company can give no assurance that they will prove to be correct. Since forward looking statements address future events and conditions, by their very nature they involve inherent risks and uncertainties. These statements speak only as of the date of this press release. Actual results could differ materially from those currently anticipated due to a number of factors and risks including various risk factors discussed in the Company’s disclosure documents which can be found under the Company’s profile on This press release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended and such forward looking statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The CSE has neither reviewed nor approved the contents of this press release.

Drill Program Encounters 2.45 g/t Pd+Pt+Au Over 28 m at the River Valley #Platinum Group Metals #PGM Project, Sudbury #Mining District

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:55 AM on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

New age large


  • A drill hole collared in main mineralized zone (Dana North) encountered 2.45 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 28m, including 7.12 g/t over 3m and 4.06 g/t over 6m with a second zone of 3.30 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 4m
  • Drilling continues to encounter PGM mineralization in the footwall of the River Valley PGM Deposit with assays of 1.56 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 9m, 1.41 g/t over 8m, 1.12 g/t over 17 m and 1.64 m of 7m were obtained from drilling in the footwall

    Drilling has been focused on follow-up drilling to further test the continuation of the Pine Zone and Dana North Zone


    River Valley is the Largest Undeveloped Primary PGM resource in Canada, with 3.9Moz PdEq in Measured Plus Indicated including an additional 1.2Moz PdEq in Inferred.

September 20th, 2017 / Vancouver, Canada – New Age Metals Inc. (TSX.V: NAM; OTCQB: PAWEF; FSE: P7J.F) is pleased to announce the first drill hole results of the 2017 drilling campaign. Drilling has focused on the Dana North (T3) and Pine Zone as a follow up of the 2015 and 2016 drilling at the River Valley PGM Deposit.

Harry Barr, Chairman and CEO states, “Drill results (Table 1) have confirmed continued PGM mineralization in the footwall to the main River Valley contact, where the current measured and indicated resources have been proven. At present the PGM mineralization has been extended for approximately 140 metres east of the previous known mineralization into the footwall of the identified resources. PGM mineralization in the Pine Zone has now been shown to extend to at least 300 m below surface. With continued drilling success, other new targets could extend along the 16kms of strike and at depth that have not been previously explored.”

A ground geophysical survey was carried out on the Pine Zone by Abitibi Geophysics (News Release: June 19th, 2017). The surface IP geophysical survey was designed to test the eastward and southward extension and dip/plunge of the Pine Zone as well as the adjacent Dana North Zone (Figure 1-2). The extension of the IP survey tested the Banshee Zone. Initial interpretations are complete and the final report has been completed. Several new targets from the geophysics have been identified and are planned for drill testing. The Company has also retained the services of a geophysical consultant, Alan King of Geoscience North Ltd (News Release: Aug 22nd, 2017), to compile all past and current geophysics into one 3D model and aid in the understanding of the structural controls on the PGM mineralization.

Click Image To View Full Size

Figure 1: River Valley Geology Layered Over Recent IP Geophysics with Recent Area of Drilling

(Red Banded Unit represents the River Valley mineralized breccia contact zone-westward dip)

Click Image To View Full Size

Table 1 Drill Results from Dana North/Pine Zone

(3E = Pd+Pt+Au, N.S.A. = no significant assays)

Assay results have been received for six of the eleven presently drilled holes. Breccia host zones were indentified in all holes in the program with four drill holes (Table 1) returning significant Pd+Pt+Au (3E in the Table 1) mineralization to date. The drilling is mainly of an exploratory nature and intended to test the footwall mineralization in the northern portion of the property. Further re-interpretation of the geology, structure and PGM mineralization on the project are ongoing with the company’s geological and geophysical consultants.

Drill hole T3-17-04 was collared obliquely into the main PGM Zone and therefore the results are not true widths. Two high grade PGM zones were encountered from surface to 41 m. The drill hole was designed to test the footwall Pine Zone PGM mineralization to depth. PGM mineralization in the Pine Zone has now been shown to extend to at least 300 m below surface.


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Figure 2. Zoom in of the Pine Zone and Present Area of Drilling

Drill holes were drilled into the Pine Zone to test the PGM footwall mineralization. Drill widths are considered not true width due to the exploratory nature of the drill campaign.

Assay Procedures and QAQC

The drilling is being undertaken by Jacob & Samuel Drilling Ltd. of Sudbury, Ontario under the supervision of NAM geologists. The drill core samples are sent to the SGS Canada Inc. Laboratory in Lakefield, Ontario for sample preparation and assay analyses. The preparation involved crushing of 3 kilograms of each sample to 90% passing 2 mm, and then pulverizing 0.5 kilograms to 85% passing 75 um. Palladium, Platinum and Gold were assayed by fire assay with ICP-AES finish (GE-FAI313). Copper, Nickel and 32 additional metals were assayed by two acid digestion and ICP-OES finish (GE-ICP14B). Blanks and blind certified standard samples were submitted at regular intervals for assay with the core samples as part of NAM’s rigorous Quality Assurance/Quality Control program.

Future Activity

WSP Canada (News Release: Sept 7th, 2017) will be conducting the updated resource calculation and model for the River Valley PGM Deposit. This will incorporate any new drill results and interpretations.

This present exploration activity of drilling and geophysics is geared to establish the resource base for a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) Report which the company plans to initialize in the near future.

To date (not including the present drill program) an approximate 612 holes (136,574 metres) have been conducted by the company and its past major joint venture partner to test the PGM mineralization extents along the contact of the River Valley Intrusion. As well, several 43-101 complaint resource estimates have been generated. The River Valley Deposit is the Largest Undeveloped Primary PGM resource in Canada, with 3.9Moz PdEq in Measured Plus Indicated including an additional 1.2Moz PdEq in Inferred.

The Company will continue to update investors as the drill results are received.


NAM’s flagship project is its 100% owned River Valley PGM Project (NAM Website – River Valley Project) in the Sudbury Mining District of Northern Ontario (100 km east of Sudbury, Ontario). Presently the River Valley Project is Canada’s largest primary undeveloped PGM deposit with Measured + Indicated resources of 91 million tonnes @ 0.58 g/t Palladium, 0.22 g/t Platinum, 0.04 g/t Gold, at a cut-off grade of 0.8 g/t PdEq for 2,463,000 ounces PGM plus Gold. This equates to 3,942,910 PdEq ounces. The River Valley PGM-Copper-Nickel Sulphide mineralized zones remain open to expansion. Currently the company has completed new ground geophysics and is in the middle of a drill program focused on the Pine and Dana North Zones.

In 2016, the Company acquired the River Valley extension property from Mustang Minerals which added approximately 4kms to the project’s mineralized strike length to the southern portion of the intrusion.


The Company has five pegmatite hosted Lithium Projects in the Winnipeg River Pegmatite Field, located in SE Manitoba. Three of the projects are drill ready. This Pegmatite Field hosts the world class Tanco Pegmatite that has been mined for Tantalum, Cesium and Spodumene (one of the primary Lithium ore minerals) in varying capacities, since 1969. NAM’s Lithium Projects are strategically situated in this prolific Pegmatite Field. Presently, NAM is the largest mineral claim holder in the Winnipeg River Pegmatite Field and is seeking JV partners to further develop the company’s Li division.


The contents contained herein that relate to Exploration Results or Mineral Resources is based on information compiled, reviewed or prepared by Carey Galeschuk, a consulting geoscientist for New Age Metals. Mr. Galeschuk is the Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 and has reviewed and approved the technical content of this news release.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

“Harry Barr”

Harry G. Barr

Chairman and CEO

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Tetra Bio-Pharma $ to engage in co-development and distribution partnership with major healthcare specialty distributor

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Tbp large new

  • Announced that it has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with a major player of the healthcare specialty industry
  • Privately-owned partner has a pan-Canadian distribution network that reaches up to 7000 specialized healthcare professionals
  • First product will be launched in Q1 2018 with subsequent products already in development for the remainder of 2018
  • Tetra and its partner will be tapping into the overall Over-The-Counter topical analgesics market of more than $300 million in sales in Canada, with the US market reaching over $2.9 billion, according to an IMS analysis

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Sept. 20, 2017) – Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. (“Tetra” or the “Company“) (TSX VENTURE:TBP)(OTCQB:TBPMF), today announced that it has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with a major player of the healthcare specialty industry.

This privately-owned partner, which asked to remain unnamed for the time being, has a pan-Canadian distribution network that reaches up to 7000 specialized healthcare professionals. Through their distribution channel, they have access to over 3000 specialized healthcare businesses in Canada and already work with a worldwide network of partners, including the USA.

Tetra and its partner are working together to develop a new line of products, leveraging Tetra’s clinical and product development expertise. The first product will be launched in Q1 2018 with subsequent products already in development for the remainder of 2018. Tetra and its partner will be tapping into the overall Over-The-Counter (OTC) topical analgesics market of more than $300 million in sales in Canada, with the US market reaching over $2.9 billion, according to an IMS analysis. Both companies are expecting to grab a share if the specialized OTC topical analgesics market in a short period of time and could see sales generated from this distribution channel reaching $3 million for Canada in the 1st year. Since the initial launch phase will be focused on the Canadian market, further guidance will be provided as Tetra’s partner gets ready to launch in the US.

« We’re excited to enter this specialized market as there is a significant need for our clinical expertise in product development. This partnership opens a new distribution channel for our pharmaceutical retail division not only in Canada, but also worldwide through their active partners in the US and Europe. Tetra remains committed and is actively developing partnerships to generate a significant revenue stream. This partnership demonstrates our team’s focus and dedication in accelerating our commercialization strategy towards selling a specialized line of products in our pharmaceutical retail business, » comments Bernard Fortier, CEO of Tetra Bio-Pharma.

About Tetra Bio-Pharma:

Tetra Bio-Pharma (TSX VENTURE:TBP)(OTCQB:TBPMF) is a biopharmaceutical leader in cannabinoid-based drug discovery and clinical development. Tetra has three core expertise: clinical research, pharmaceutical promotion and retail commercialization of cannabinoid-based drugs.

More information at:

Source: Tetra Bio-Pharma

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Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc.
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Vice-President Marketing & Communication
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INTERVIEW: HPQ Silicon $ Discusses Importance Of Operational “Mini Model” Of Planned 200 tonnes Per Annum Pilot Plant

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:19 PM on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017