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VIDEO – TAAT Global Alternatives $TAAT $TOBAF “Beyond Tobacco” Offering Faces Rapid U.S., Int’l Expansion, After Strong Q2 Numbers $MO $PM $BATS

Posted by AGORACOM at 3:49 PM on Friday, September 3rd, 2021

To understand the value proposition of TAAT, you first have to understand some recent massive trends in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) space:

  • Non-alcoholic beer has grown to $18bn USD market
  • the plant-based meat market is projected to hit $74bn USD By 2027

What they have in common is providing consumers of the original products with the exact same experience (taste, smell, etc.) without the negative parts of the original products.

TAAT has developed a nicotine-free and tobacco-free smoking experience known as TAAT™, which already launched in the USA. TAAT™ Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes mimic those experiences without nicotine or tobacco.

Engineered to closely emulate the sensory components to provide the closest experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette – a product that tastes and smells just like tobacco – but without the nicotine.

Last week the company passed two major milestones:

  • On August 25, TAAT announced that a Michigan tobacco chain would be placing TAAT in all 147 of its store locations
  • Two days later, TAAT announced that it had secured distribution on its third continent, with a purchase order for €360,000 (approximately $536,000 CAD) for a full shipping container of TAAT™ to be distributed in Australia

We sat down with CEO Setti Coscarella to break down the company’s rapid expansion, and examine what comes next…

TAAT $ $TOBAF Obtains First National Mainstream Media Coverage in Forbes with Article Profiling the Company

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:58 PM on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

LAS VEGAS and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 03, 2021  — TAAT ™ LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS LTD. (CSE: TAAT) (OTCQB: TOBAF) (FRANKFURT: 2TP2) (the “Company” or “TAAT ™ ”) is pleased to announce that an article profiling the Company was published earlier today by Forbes, marking the first national mainstream media coverage of TAAT™ in the United States. Forbes contributor Amanda Siebert, who primarily covers media stories in the “Vices” category, summarizes her interview with TAAT™ Chief Executive Officer Setti Coscarella, in which Mr. Coscarella shared his professional background and journey to his current role at the Company. Additionally, the article features Mr. Coscarella’s comments on recent events relating to the Company including its engagement with consumer packaged goods (“CPG”) sales agency CROSSMARK, as announced in the Company’s February 2, 2021 press release.

The February 3, 2021 Forbes article can be accessed by clicking here:

Following a detailed preamble on TAAT™ and Mr. Coscarella, the article goes into detail about the value proposition of TAAT™ as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes due to its inherently non-addictive properties. As differentiation points of TAAT™ among other tobacco-free cigarettes on the market, Mr. Coscarella explains the importance of a tobacco-like taste as well as a competitive price point, which the Company has attained by offering TAAT™ to legal-aged smokers in Ohio for USD $3.99 per pack, compared to approximately USD $7.00 per pack for Marlboro.

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