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VIDEO – Fabled Silver Gold $ Mexican Silver Project Was So Good That CEO Peter Hawley Came Out Of Retirement $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:00 PM on Friday, January 22nd, 2021
Fabled Silver Gold Corp. (@Fabled_FCO) | Twitter

Fabled Silver Gold controls 100% of the Santa Maria Gold and Silver property in Mexico. It is a high grade underground mine with a rich mining history and a Silver Equivalent 43-101 with 3.2million ounces Indicated and 1.1m inferred.

Now as far as silver projects go 3.2M ounces isn’t very big but when serial mine finder and industry stalwart Peter Hawley was presented with it in 2016, he came out of retirement saying “it was almost too good to be true” and “this is the one I’ve been looking for.

Santa Maria’s best historical intercept to date, reported 11meters of 1,672 g/t Silver & 3.74 g/t gold and ending in mineralization. Moreover, a 2018 PEA is very supportive at current market prices.

Santa Maria has never been systematically, or explored thoroughly with modern methods, until now.   FCO is currently conducting their first drill program to support the 43-101 and expects results to start flowing right into June.

It is definitely in a great “neighbourhood” in the mining friendly jurisdiction of Parral which has produced over 250M oz silver.  Moreover, multiple major operators in the vicinity, including three toll mills within a 20 km distance.

Watch this great first of many anticipated interviews with CEO Peter Hawley.

VIDEO – PyroGenesis $ Starts Off 2021 Right Where It Left Off. Discusses First Ever ETF Inclusions, Q4 Guidance NASDAQ Listing And Yes ….. Iron Ore Plasma Torch Burners $RTN $NOC $UTX $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:47 AM on Friday, January 22nd, 2021

PyroGenesis (PYR:TSX) recently uplisted to the TSX from the TSX Venture and immediately announced plans to apply for a NASDAQ listing.  Then, shareholders of PYR discovered the Company’s stock has now been included by the ARK 3D Printing ETF $PRNT …. so it looks like PYR has started off 2021 right where it left off and we sat down with CEO Peter Pascali to talk about some of the bigger topics on the minds of shareholders.

As always, Peter doesn’t disappoint.  Watch this great interview.

VIDEO – Empower Clinics $ $EPWCF CEO Answers Shareholder Questions In First Ever Shareholder Q&A $ $ $DOCRF $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:20 PM on Thursday, January 21st, 2021

On behalf of Steve and the Empower Clinics team, we are happy to present the first ever Empower Clinics Shareholder Q&A.  

Thanks to all investors that posted their questions here on AGORACOM and on Twitter.

Enjoy this video with Steve from an undisclosed location that he reveals during the interview.

VIDEO – $ Silicon Hits All-Time High On Silicon Reactor Achieving Major Milestone – “We Are Going To Have Fun In 2021” $ENPH $BE $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 6:53 PM on Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Today’s press release from HPQ might have been a little technical for newcomers but the words from CEO Bernard Tourillon explain exactly how important it was: 

“With the Gen1 PUREVAP TM NSiR operational and exceeding expectations from the start, HPQ NANO is uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of low-cost manufacturing of Nano Silicon for batteries and other applications ….. We are very confident that the Silicon materials we are producing, with our expected low-cost scalable processes, will be in high demand by batteries, EV manufacturers and other participants in the ongoing renewable energy revolution.”  

Moreover, Tourillon couldn’t help but display his feelings and proclaimed this was going to be a fun year for HPQ. 

How much fun?  You’re going to have to watch.

VIDEO – Mountain Valley MD $ Patent Filing Creates New Global Delivery And Patient Delivery Model That Can Eradicate Polio From The World …. Then Other Viruses $CTLT $MRNA $NVAX

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 6:55 PM on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

Let us start off by saying this interview may be the best one we’ve done in the last 10 years.  Here is why.

When Mountain Valley MD issued this press release today, you wouldn’t be alone if you declared “I really don’t know what that means”.  The fact of the matter is that MVMD is a double-edged sword that puts it in a position to quite potentially change the way the world delivers drugs and vaccines via physical transport and into the body of patients who need them most.  The flip-side of creating something so cutting edge is that it makes it very difficult to understand for anybody without a Life Sciences PhD.

Fortunately, this is where AGORACOM comes in to bridge the worlds between MVMD and the investment community.  To do that, the first thing you have to understand is the following:

MVMD Takes Existing Vaccines and Drugs – And Delivers Them Better.  Both Into The Body and By Transportation To The World. Way Better.

For the purposes of introducing you to MVMD, we’ll use vaccines as an example given the state of the world since COVID-19 arrived.  Specifically, we’ve all heard more about vaccines in 12 months than we have in the last 12 years.  One thing we all know about vaccines is that vaccination is the safest way to protect people against infectious diseases.


One thing we don’t know or understand about vaccinations is that they are only as good as:

1.  The global physical delivery system that actually gets them from the manufacturer to the hands of nurse who injects the vaccine;

2.  The delivery system into your body (i.e. injection)

If either parts of these delivery systems are weak, or even fail, a vaccine loses some or even all of its potency – and that’s not good.

This is where MVMD comes in.  They don’t make vaccines, drugs or pharmaceuticals.

What they do is make their delivery better.  Their physical delivery until their ultimate delivery into your body – and that is very good.

By doing so, they help save lives and they help manufacturers be more profitable – and that is very good for humanity and shareholders.


With the information above in mind, you can now start to get a sense of the power of this quote from MVMD CEO, Dennis Hancock:

“Using a fraction of the Inactivated Polio Vaccine, applying advanced Quicksome™ thin film inside a vial that can be distributed completely outside of the cold chain, and administering through needleless applications is the formula to help us achieve our vision of a world without Polio“. 

If you want to find out what is possible, watch this powerful, eye-opening and sometimes emotional interview with CEO Dennis Hancock and Director of Life Sciences Mike Farber.

VIDEO – POET Technologies $ $POETF Discusses Opening of Product Design and Development Center in Shenzhen, China

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:09 AM on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

VIDEO – Valeo Pharma $ $VPHIF Starts Off 2021 With A Bang As MDBriefcase Validates Key Ingredients In Its Immune System Support Product $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 5:57 PM on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021
Valeo Pharma (@valeo_pharma) | Twitter

Valeo Pharma is already a successful, revenue generating, small cap Canadian pharmaceutical company that acquires the Canadian rights to commercialized drugs in other parts of the world that don’t have Canada on their radar as a target market.

This “in-license” business model is ingenious because it means ZERO developmental or clinical risk, which is the downfall of most small cap pharma companies. 

This model has resulted in the following success:

  • $5.3M in revenues in the first 9 months of 2020 (ending July 31, 2020)
  • 9 products currently in the market with an annual estimated peak sales of $40M/year
  • 7 products in the pipeline with an annual estimated peak sales of $45M/year

In fact, capital markets confidence is so high that Valeo secured $8.6M in financing in the last half of the year with:

  • $6.9M Bought Deal financing at $1.20/shares
  • A $1.7M Oversubscribed debenture (non-convertible) 

If that was all Valeo had, most investors would be happy to sit back and watch the Company grow.

But then came Redesca.  We are going to save you the science and tell you that Redesca belongs to a class of anticoagulant medications (blood thinners) called LMWH.  The size of the Canadian LMWH market is over $200M per year and Valeo believes they can capture 15-30% of this market.  If you’re doing back of napkin math, that equates to $30,000,000 – $60,000,000 per year in revenues.

But how does a new product capture that much market share?  Glad you asked because we asked CEO Steve Saviuk the same question.  Competition is tough in all markets and they don’t let someone take 15-30% market share without one hell of a fight. 

Saviuk agreed and gave the following reasons:

1.  Redesca has an 8-year international track record of safety and efficacy.  It is already well known

2. Redesca is flat out cheaper, which is music to the ears of Provincial Health Ministries whose budgets have been stretched to the max this year no thanks to COVID-19.  

Vaelo is so confident that it stated “This is great news for the Canadian healthcare system …. and is expected to help provide significant savings to provincial healthcare systems.”

Well there you have it.  Valeo is a great story. Watch the video.


In a recently issued newsletter by MDBriefCase entitled “Exploring Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Covid-19: Hesperidin vs Vitamin C” the newsletter stated that recently accumulated evidence suggests that Hesperidin supplementation may be useful as a prophylactic agent against SARS-Cov-2 infection and as a complementary treatment during COVID-19 disease.  What does this mean?

  • Growing body of research suggests Hesperidin may interfere with SARS-CoV-2 infection process
  • Hesperidin may help against Covid-19 viral replication
  • Hesperidin is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory activity that may help in controlling cytokine storm (where the body starts to attack its own cells and tissue rather than just the virus)
  • Valeo’s unique Hesperidin formulation (HESPERCO) is the only format available where every capsule contains 500mg of concentrated Hesperidin.

Now you have it.  That’s the Valeo story as it applies to just 2 of their amazing products.  There is a whole lot more to the story given their pipeline of products but we couldn’t cover it all in this great interview with CEO Steve Saviuk.

If you love revenue generating, growing and blue sky potential small cap companies, then this Valeo interview is a must watch.

VIDEO – After Record Q3 and YTD Results, Datametrex $ $DTMXF Starts 2021 With 23,000 #COVID Test Sales To Film Industry For ~ $4M $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:34 PM on Thursday, January 14th, 2021

Datamerex (DM:TSXV) has the rare benefit that most small cap companies would only dream of …. 2 successful independent divisions that are each capable of being a company maker. 

The first division is their Artificial Intelligence driven social media monitoring and discovery product … and this isn’t some basic social media monitoring tool for keywords. Clients include Canadian Federal Government, DRDC, Health Canada, United States Air Force and LOTTE (a $2.6B South Korean multinational conglomerate.

As a result of the highest level security clearances required to do this level of work, Datametrex was well positioned with deep roots in South Korea to add their second, though unintended division of COVID-19 test kit distribution.  Again, this isn’t some small cap stretch trying to capitalize on a trend for the sake of stock promotion. Rather, when the Canadian Government came calling for assistance in importing and distributing COVID-19 test kits, Datametrex stepped up to the task thanks to its security clearances already in place in both countries.

Since then, the company has signed multiple multi-million dollar COVID-19 test kit supply agreements with mining companies, a $20M CAD agreement with the television and film industry and various educational institutions.  

As a result, Datametrex has had its’ best year ever in the first 3 quarters of 2020 as follows:

  • Record revenue of $7.6 million for the nine-month 2020 period compared to $2.6 in 2019
  • Record revenue of $4.9 million was generated in Q3
  • First ever positive EBIDTA quarter

If that wasn’t enough, they started off 2021 by announcing the following:

  • Sold over 23,000 onsite tests for the film industry at locations in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver for the months of October through December 2020. This represents approximately $4,000,000 CAD in top-line revenue for Q4
  • Datametrex Providing COVID-19 Testing for Air Canada Front-Line and Inflight Employees
  • Binding LOI to acquire 100% of Concierge Medical Consultant Inc. a private telehealth and medical concierge services company currently generating revenue through a direct-to-consumer subscription model

Watch this powerful interview with CEO Marshall Gunter to discuss the year that was … and why he’s so optimistic about 2021.

3 Days After #Draganfly $ $DFLYF CEO Cam Chell Says “I’ll Build The Company Into One of The Top Three Drone Companies”, Company Announces #NASDAQ Intentions $ $UAVS $ALPP

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:04 AM on Thursday, January 14th, 2021

Most of us know drones as cool toys flying around the neighbourhood, or perhaps even as simple commercial applications for things like real estate videos. 

But the fact of the matter is that drone usage is about to go parabolic with huge corporations now testing ways to:

  • Use drones to provide Internet connections in remote locations. 
  • Use drones to collect crowd data.
  • ….. And there’s even a start-up that’s using drones to deliver tacos to your door.

In short, the drone industry is booming in ways people can’t imagine because the industry is shifting from the drones (hardware) to data … and one company is already ahead of the shift … DraganFly (DFLY: CSE) (DFLYF:OTCQB) (3U8:FSE)

DraganFly is an award-winning drone manufacturer and technology developer that is actually delivering some pretty incredible achievements, milestones and even history:

  • Established in 1998 DFLY is considered the oldest commercial drone company in the world
  • Built the first drone that saved a life
    • Boasts the first drone to be inducted into the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
  • Developing a Vaccine Drone Delivery Payload System (it’s way more complicated than just transporting vaccines)
  • Detect infectious conditions in a person from a distance of 190 feet
  • Conduct phenotyping, data collection and analysis by the USDA

Clients include:

  •  Ford
  • Warner Brothers
  • Suncor Energy
  • Shell
  • Redbull
  • Government of Canada 
    • Ontario Provincial Police, 
    • Australian Federal Police, 
    • Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 
    • Illinois State Police, 
    • Shell
    • Dow 

Most recently, DFLY’s Vital Intelligence technology was selected for implementation by Knightscope, a leader in a leader in autonomous robot security capabilities.  

With all of this under the Company’s belt, it’s easy to see why CEO Chell believes DFLY will become one of the top 3 drone companies in the world and why they have now begun the process of listing on NASDAQ.

If you believe in the massive parabolic growth in the use of drones for almost everything we do in this world, or are just learning, then watch / listen to this powerful interview with Draganfly CEO and Chairman, Cameron Chell.

VIDEO – PlantX Life $ $PLTXF Blasts Into 2021 With Plant-Based Expansion In USA, UK, Europe, Israel and #NASDAQ $BYND $TSN $CAG $FMCI $VERY $MEAT

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 6:03 PM on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

The paradigm shifting, parabolic growth of plant based foods and a plant based life is unstoppable, with the plant-based food market alone expected to reach $74.2 billion by 2027.

PlantX Life (VEGA:CSE) (PLTXF:OTCQB) Is The One Stop Shop For Everything Plant Based + The  Digital Face of The Plant -Based Community with the following:

  • Plant Based Meal Delivery (20 meals)
  • Plant Based Snack Products
  • Plant Based Pet foods
  • Plant Based Restaurant Locator
  • Plant Based Recipes
  • Plant Based Essentials …. Like Chocolate (Essential?  You Bet)
  • And …… Plant Based …. PLANTS (It’s A BIG Business!)

More than just talk, VEGA is already in full swing and growing FAST

  • Already Operating In Canada
  • US Online Operations Kick Off With $USD 25M MIN of PlantX products YEAR 1
    • 6% Royalty Fee to PlantX on gross USA revenues
  • US Bricks & Mortar with San Diego flagship store opening in DECEMBER
  • £8 million Acquisition of Bloombox In The UK, generating millions in revenue
  • Closed $11.5M Non-Brokered Private Placement
  • · ….. and just announced its Application To List On NASDAQ

If you believe in the massive paradigm shift towards plant based foods and more, be sure to watch and share this great interview with PlantX Life Founder, Sean Dollinger.

You won’t just learn about a great small cap company, you’ll also learn how to live a healthier, tastier life.